WINNING with the WORST Deck in Clash Royale History 🍊 -

WINNING with the WORST Deck in Clash Royale History 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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The WORST DECK in Clash Royale history (from a statistical perspective) has the LOWEST win rate in the game

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  1. You called it skeleton barrel because you sent goblin barrel and saw his skeleton barrel 1:46

  2. I feel like they just trophy dropped with a deck until it had a bad WR.

  3. Oh what’s the app called that you check win percentage on

  4. Me: I could run that deck
    Me in mid ladder
    My opponent: level 14 ebarbs go brrrrrr

  5. I got my first 6k pb with basically a clone of this deck 😭😭

  6. Why do I feel so personally attacked after OJ uses keys on some silver chests?

  7. imagne using lumberloon and losing from the worst deck

  8. 8:08
    Oj: I didn’t get a chance to play my fire cracker
    Also oj: “places firecracker”

  9. There’s not way that’s the worst deck it looks decently good to me

  10. today this deck now has a 35% win rate which is below average

  11. Bro what that’s a good deck😭😭 the people are just bad

  12. I’m pretty sure that was my arena 5 deck. I’m just built different

  13. BRUH I kinda used to play a deck very similar to this.
    Instead of zap, I was playing fireball

  14. Me ironically using this deck and beating mid ladder players: confusion?

  15. WAITT.. This is my best deck, idk why?? I used to win this game using similar deck (not exactly the same) instead I use pekka, wizard, zap, skeleton army, goblin barrel, valkyrie, fireball, musketeer

  16. So we’re not gonna talk about him calling goblin barrel skeleton barrel?

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