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Winning with ONLY random decks in the mega touchdown challenge.

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  1. OJ: I can rocket the princess got that going for me
    Mid ladder players: DO IT ITS MANDATORY

  2. 13:29 Me when my alarm clock rings at 6 in the morning

    (I mean if you pause the video and he looks like a zombie, not the part where he says yes)

  3. do cookie run kingdom again i love ur cookie run kingdom videos u said you would spend 60k or 600k gem

  4. Do rewards live stream for Brawl Stars players plsplsplspslslpslspspspspspspsslsls
    Or Nat won't talk to u any more 😂 ( just kidding, don't take it srsly)

  5. Didn't know KIM JONG-UN plays clash royale 🤔

  6. Hey why don't u play without giving money and take thousands of gem

  7. U should play without it in start it is difficult

  8. OJ is there any way I can play with you

  9. Me likes the video
    Oj :dududududududu
    Me dislikes the video

  10. He inspired me to start my own channel

  11. Fisherman got stuck in 1 spot in one of my games as well

  12. Mother witch is always the winning condition in touchdown🔥

  13. 15:22"Bowlers… Probably going to, rek-.. get rekt by the bowler so i got to do my bowler too"

  14. OJ: is confused why his mega knight is winning
    Healer: am I a joke to you?

  15. 2:10 OJ: my mega knight is winning for some reason

    Battle healer: am i joke to you?

  16. this is basically OJ cycling through random decks until he finds one with a mother witch at this point

  17. Rate my deck: Bowler, firecracker, inferno dragon, electro wiz, log, goblin drill, hog rider and bandit. Be as brutally honest as you want and please suggest changes.

  18. because m my older cousin is a looser OJ soory

  19. Oj: * uses battleram *
    That one guy: *counters it with royal giant?*

  20. Could defend wall breakers with poison

  21. good video, but he called a lot of cards their wrong names. Great video tho keep the good videos coming

  22. Hey OJ, can you join my clan ?? It’s called toxic-spar2.0. Please join guys if your a OJ fan, join my clan!

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