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Why Battle Royale games SUCK (But don’t have to)

Josh Strife Hayes
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I don’t hate Battle Royale games, I hate the fact they’re not as good as the could be.




  1. I’ve tried to play warzone maybe half a dozen times and each time I die then spectate people for a couple minutes in utter confusion as to why I am choosing to spend my life like this. I simply do not understand the appeal and have tried to.

  2. I wouldn't say Tarkov is a battle royal… Similar, but to its core its not the same. You bring your own gear, you do story tasks, you extract with the gear you obtain while sometimes never seeing other players. Your not flung out of a plane with nothing, forced to fight into a smaller and smaller area until one person is left. Tarkov is so much more intense and grounded and some times scary. Your character is slow and easily killed; imagen you're on a map like interchange (huge shopping mall) and its super dark. You make your way through the seemingly empty mall. You enter a store and all of a sudden you hear a team of 5 run near the store you're on. Its a fight or flight situation with real weight that you have to decide on in a matter of seconds. That's where I feel while yes at a glance I can see the comparison to games like fortnite, it feels insulting to call it the same. So many micro mechanics you have to take into consideration like food and water, making sure your magazines are fully loaded, the type of ammo you bring in, managing wounds and heavy bleeds and broken limbs, and now with the recent update weapon malfunctions that could all change the way things turn out. I personally and a lot of other people would compare too games like the dayz rather than fortnite because at its core its a survival game and not some arcade shooter.

  3. One I like is super mecha champions, mech to mech fighting is fun, and losing doesn't result in death, you eject and have a chance to escape and summon another mech, or pull a sneaky and outflank a mech on foot.
    Human to mech heavily favours the mech, but leads to brilliant moments when you actually take one down before they can finish you off.
    Human to human is a weakpoint of the game, but it doesn't happen as often.

  4. I like Free for All and by extension, Battle Royal, when I want Chaos and don't care who wins. However, Chaos is not something I want when I do care who wins.

  5. But if 10 year olds are having fun that takes away from time they are buying skins and season packs…

  6. I get your points.. but suggesting to basically turn a battle royale into a deathmatch shoots can't be the solution.

    After all, we might not be it, but many ppl enjoy this kind of game. And if a game is enjoyed, it can't suck so much – it serves its most fundamental purpose.

  7. For me personally it goes even as far as disliking competitive sports in real life. For me they have no gain at all. You just out play other people. Even if this is accomplished by good team work you just exploited the weakness of the other team.

    In real life the gain for players is money and in competitive e-sport it is money as well. Every competition if it is for points, money or other benefits for winning does not feel good for me.

    But life is always the survival of the fittest so I have no real reason to blame systems which are designed around this.🙄

  8. When the child play battle royale and he can stop it:

  9. We thankfully have evolved from this trend now but I have to say that Apex legends has become much more alive and interesting thanks to the balanced gameplay and interesting backstories of the Legends

  10. Picking up additional/different upgraded weapons throughout the match is not a thing? Seems like a weird stance on which to pin the statement that these games "suck".

  11. Just like the loop of me playing gta story mode over and over again

  12. Play some totally accurate battle ground
    Its a good satire
    And it gives you more chances

  13. Tarkov is not Battle Royal. It has some of the same traits true, but fundamentally different. Every player is able to get out of the raid alive. You have goals when doing the quests to find items or get to certain areas and escape alive. Sometimes you need to kill NPCs and other times you need to kill players. You make choices on your loadout prior to entering the game. If you want to just hunt players you can or you can sneak all the way through the game. It is intended to be a hardcore shooter and death should result in leaving the game. They could however create an arena mode which could be like a more typical team death match with a highscore winning team.

  14. I still hate the fact that apex legends has cosmetics for its guns and sells those for money, it’s always a great experience to get a new amazing skin for you Favorit weapon, and then not being able to try it out for the next 3 games you play because you can’t select your weapons and just have to pray that they show up

  15. 11:10 To be fair, Apex legends (at least when I gave it a try back in 2018 or something like that) will show you in the map before you jump the "hot spot" where you have the chance to find the best gear, of course other people probably will jump to the same place so it was a decision of do I try to get a better loot but I get the risk of being murdered or I jump far away from a hotspot, get worst loot but I get to live a bit more

  16. I totally forgot Twisted Metal was a battle royal 🤣

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