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Why Battle Royale Games Are Dying Out…

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Battle Royale games are DYING… and no one knows why.
We are taking a deep dive into exactly what happened to the Battle Royale genre. Whether it’s Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Warzone, you will find all of them lacking the hype that they used to. Where to play chrono trigger? Revisit the classics: Play SNES games online now.
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  1. Battle royales are good when first introduced but once sweats get a hold of it it’s over. The 1st season is the best time then it becomes just no fun

  2. The genre is dead because the games are terrible. There is still a big chance for a new one to do insane numbers again but there is simply no company trying to make the next big br game. The genre is great but the companies making these games are money hungry sadly

  3. Apex is definitely carrying the genre on its shoulders rn, but the developers are too worried about wringing out players pockets rather than improving their creation.
    “Hey Respawn, there’s a bug that’s making the game unplayable-“
    $160 caustic skin that nobody wants

  4. Yeah they totally dying, it just can't totally change and it gets boring after a ton of time and Fortnite,warzone,and apex all fell off hard from there prime Days

  5. i don’t play it anymore but fortnite isn’t going to die because it appeals so much more to little kids now than us as we’ve grown older plus the stuff they keep pumping out is for them like they’ve made fortnite a base for other games to be made with creative 2 so i don’t see it dying

  6. It’s a genre. It’s not going anywhere

  7. Skill based matchmaking definitely killed BR games for me. I can’t casually play & win I have to sweat my heart out👎

  8. I think some games arent going as well as they use to, but there is still ones that have potential, Currently im playing a game second to no one playes (Realm royale reforged) but i still enjoy it. There is a high possibility for battle royale to stay in the limelight, Just companies need to seize the chance

  9. I can imagine Ludwig hitting the Luddy after hearing this news

  10. Blizzard or Riot enter the battle royale space….. HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!

  11. Man you're the best gaming channel I have ever seen

  12. This Collab fornite has done is so insane Collab after Collab it gave many people chills coz like PUBG mobile it's surprises ohh they came new skin they came new update it's keeps player too it's like Facebook it's sucks

  13. The reasons I just like battle royale games are
    1: do you have a very toxic communities
    2: they usually are over monetized
    3: they are every game being developed
    4: The game play loop usually gets old very fast

  14. I think apex and fortnite are carrying the genre on their shoulders. I do feel that people dont care about competitive gaming anymore. These days Most people are more into casual gaming. Whenever there is a new map or a new legend in apex or a new collaboration in fortnite i do get curious and excited. But the seasons are long and eventually by the end of those seasons it does get a bit boring. However apex and fortnite are aware of that and that’s why they bring in constant updates. But with warzone it becomes boring really fast because they dont really make any significant changes to neither the map nor do they bring skins which are appealing to the masses.

  15. Took about a 2 year break. Currently in love with warzone. Last br I played was apex in prolly 2021

  16. The 50 vs 50 mode was the best mode they ever had but they took that away. Dumb dumb move

  17. The 50 vs 50 mode was the best mode they ever had but they took that away. Dumb dumb move

  18. I dabbled with Minecraft hungergames and h1z1 but never really got into it. Was always so boring

  19. Honestly for me it's how they don't give non paying players anything. It's all about microtransactions also for fortnite save the world was originally said to be free,nah they lied and people were ok with it

  20. For me it's all the toxic little brats that makes the games boring to play. There's always a kid who's toxic as h*ll but doesn't know how to play the game at all. Eventually it gets boring.

  21. Honestly I would still love them if for example Tarkov became battle royale something with actual quality and more realistic gun play environment etc.

  22. It’s a boring genre to be dead honest. They’re all running simulators. Warzone messed it up with loadouts

  23. Weirdly I am making a battle royale, But your not a human, You don’t loot things, Your a dinosaur, The whole gameplay loop is a bit much to characterize in a comment but my main gripe with the games since Fortnite chapter 2 was the lack of immersion, I hope to fix it or maybe this is a bad idea XD

  24. The genre is dieing because it was only fun learning it and improving in it with everyone else. Once you ranked up a few times over a few seasons it's just the same old thing. That along with the fact thst as you mentioned it's nothing but hackers and sweats who play 14 hours per day, how can it even be fun?
    I keep searching for a good battle royale but I know that the Era is over

  25. Battle Royale a fair chance for everyone? Tf is this dude smoking

  26. Apex is the best of the bunch the biggest issue I have though is it needs to allow more players in a match. If you don't drop hot there's a chance you might get into only 1-2 fights the entire match

  27. A better question would be "how did such a trash game mode ever get so popular?" Like… why would I spend 10 min in queue, 3 min looking for a viable gun, then 5 min running around looking for a fight… when I could load up halo or some other arena shooter and be engaging in the same exact core game loop of clicking on heads every ten seconds.

  28. Good riddance. These games are ridiculously annoying. I can't wait until they're gone for good. Why anyone wants to spend 20 minutes looting and then dying once you come across a better player is a mystery to me.

  29. Giving everyone a fair chance more or less?
    That makes no sense, you either give everyone a fair chance or you don't.

  30. The reasons BR is dying off:

    1. It's boring. Spend 80% of the time looting and wasting time running around looking for action to die to some ratty player. The gaming experience is drawn out and wastes most of the time you have to game instead of being able to get into action immediately and have plenty of it until it is time to end your gaming session.
    2. It's full of tryhards and egomaniacs that game like their life depends on it.
    3. It's hyped and full of dumb and cheesy gimmicks.
    4. Every problem is amplified in frustration. Running into cheaters or lag is even more frustrating than in a MP respawn modes, especially after you've wasted a bunch of time getting geared up. If you run into that with MP mode, you quit the match and get into instant action in a new match and move on.
    5. Results of the match left more to chance than to skill. Also there often a chance to make a comeback in MP if your side is getting dominated.
    6. The focus is on playing ratty instead of constantly improving skills and having fun. MP is more laid back and feels like hanging out and having fun with friends in comparison. Players also take more chances in MP and sometimes do some entertaining or funny things since they're more inclined to goof off a bit unless you get a match full of try hards and sweats, but if that happens, you can just quit and connect to the next match until you find a good one. Usually it's not hard to find a good match, unless you're playing a ranked mode, but you expect those to be littered with try hard dorks.

    Personally I prefer first person shooters that are either respawn MP single map, or battlefield/battlefront type of a gameplay. These two type of games are the best by far, and there isn't such quick burnout factor. Just not a fan of BR nor S&D/CS type of games. They waste too much time. If I'm not in the mood for fast paced action, I'll play a whole different type of game altogether, say an MMORPG or RPG. Those are better than BR for hang out and loot style of gameplay. Sometimes co-op modes in FPS games is fun too (e.g., Zombies or the like).

  31. Where is the free money free diamond so that’s why battle royale game It’s dying because why is wasted money in the game.

  32. Happy that battle royal dying it’s always been boring af rather Plays nothing

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