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what happened to Battle Royale games..

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  1. I do enjoy loadouts from warzone so you are not just stuck with what you find off the ground. The game is a mess right now though, hopefully whatever they decide to do with warzone 2 results in a good game.

  2. I just wish ranked went more off kills, and for rank maybe only a winning bonus like 100 RP. Would keep the game moving, maybe some more tanks and a stronger implementation of roles 🤷‍♂️

  3. Just say you don't like BRs lol everyone having the same weapon is not a BR. That's the whole premise before this was a video game and based off the actual Japanese film Battle Royale 2000

  4. Ok but, this mans intro is something that would be in like cod mw if it was made by ubisoft or epic

  5. Valorant player hates on br becuz he can't respawn😐

  6. I agree with what Mike said but I'm also extremely competitive and fully believe that the person with the most skill should win 99.99% of the time. The only way to do that is to balance the game for competitive, and casual players (who are the majority of the BR player base) would find it boring and static and not want to play. Especially when they run into people much better than them and get shit on without a cheesy weapon or ability to compensate for their lack of skill. Competitive people have no problem playing with the same 6 guns on the same 4 maps every day FOREVER, but that would kill the game. Most people want variety (which is part of why they're bad…consistency and reps is what makes you good) and variety keeps games like BR's alive.

  7. The intensity of a BR game is hard to beat. I love and hate them.

  8. PUBG is still the best BR out there, also its free now btw

  9. I've always had this question in my head. PUBG was the greatest realtlistic one out there and it just died so tragicly it's sad. Now Warzone is just a complete mess.

    EDIT: to everyone telling me PUBG is not dead, I live in Australia and only TPP SQUADS is populated and every other mode is either dead or filled with bots. So in my area, yes the game's basically somewhat dead.

  10. Well its not because of devs its because of people who cant realized the real feeling of br game and recommending features from a Team Deathmatch Games …

    Which is different on PUBG they have that features on each map not to all maps to keep their Unique Aspects unlike other BRs with same Vibe and Gameplays 🤷‍♂️

    No offense but some BRs have very similar gameplays to other BRs

  11. Simple: Fortnite is being themselves, apex is either understaffed or has shit devs that barely do shit, and Warzone was a one trick camping pony

  12. Caught the video early at work lol miss the PUBG clips shroud but love the content regardless

  13. What happened to the people playing is a better question.

  14. The sad part is all these cheaters with aim bot or chronus its just dead now.

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