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what happened to Battle Royale games..

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  1. The randomness is the point of BR. The problem is not enough weapon spawns in games like Apex. I could see same loadouts for like…tournament BR, but there is still randomness so that isn't very popular.

  2. I think Shroud will really enjoy tdm R6 if he decides to try it. He talked in the past that R6 needed a mode like tdm. Maybe we'll see Shroud back on R6S.

  3. Been off apex for a few months now and I’m so happy. I’ve been playing the game since launch and it just became more and more toxic. I’m finding myself doing much more w my life then play apex all day long in my free time.

  4. The industry is in shambles. Shroud you should team up with some devs and make a great game

  5. I don't understand why he doesn't like arena though. Like if he said it was the matchmaking and the teammates I completely understand, but he said there's no economy. How? It basically works exactly how it does in CSGO except in this one you also have those crafting material tubes to get more "money" for future rounds

  6. Always this is always calm and calm like dude how you always like this 😂 maaaan if doc play with him You will hear shouting and scolding

  7. Honestly might go back to CS:GO…Every BR game to me feels the same regardless what game I am playing. Same premise, just different characters and graphics. Same flying in, getting killed by hackers and then raging.

  8. i clicked on this video expecting h1z1 for some reason. i miss that game

  9. thats why I play pubg even to this day, it's the most realistic and the most balanced since there are no abilities….. I like the short kill time since 1v2/3/4 are easier. and it has the hardest gunplay.

  10. Rumbleverse was probably the most fun I've had in a BR in years. Can't wait for it's release.

  11. what happened is people are finally getting tired of the same old shit for 20 years

  12. Shroud gets the bow one time and wants to change the whole genre 😂

  13. If apex had a create a class with limitations like attachment rarity and weapon restrictions that change every match and regular loot drops but slightly less frequent with only a few attachments or new mods tailored to the match it would probably give the game a breath of fresh air that it needs.

  14. "the bow ain't it" lol proceeds to shred with the bow

  15. Shrouds ideas on br are generally horrible lol.

  16. What happened to battle royale games: over saturation without innovation. Everyone made the same thing with slight differences. Noone took a chance to make like a survival battle royale. Or one not based on combat say gather resources and get of the planet.
    Now the "one-life" mp games or "tarkov-style" games are taking over because they allow the player way more varied engagements and gameplay and there's a risk to every game.

    We need a blend of mmo games, fps games, and rpg games with all the single player campaign and story awesomeness. Basically we need Microsoft to buy star citizen so that game can get finished

  17. The BR genre should’ve been dead a minute ago and we should MOVE ON from it I wish game company’s would take a step back to do this crazy thing called innovation or originality not reskinned with slightly different mechanics pubG, Fortnite ect. If you like it cool but me and a LOT of other want something new I went back to garbage like ForHonor just to try to have fun😒

  18. apex is the most popular its has ever been its overall a great game shame theyre doing the same mistake pubg did and are not putting enough ressources back into it to make it even better and they made way more than PUBG with 1 billion in sales just last year to bad the EA greed strikes yet again and it caters way to much to casuals but thaty were the money is at they should be like VAL and listen way more to pros takes whats healthy for the meta etc.

  19. Apex is king. It’s f all brs did it like they do we’d bring good hands.

  20. PUBG > All battle royale games.. still by far

  21. So, what happened to Battle Royale games?

  22. just imagine OSRS ( Oldschool RUNESCAPE ) playable on FPP mode !!!!

  23. Apex would be the best br out right now if they decided to add new content consistently

  24. They’re bad. It was always a bad genre. Stop complaining.

  25. Apex is the best BR and always has been. There isn’t much wrong with it either

  26. shroud you should really do a video on siege again give it a play with some friends, me n my buddy just recently started playing again and just takin ranked kinda casually and its been pretty fun ngl

  27. Super People… Hunt: Showdown… there are a lot of good Battle Royals out there. But if only Apex pays you, i guess you gotta stick to a Game that you dont like xD

  28. The entire industry is oversaturated. I've been tired of BR games for years. Nothing is amazingly innovative like fortnite did, they're all copies of each other with very slight differences in mechanics.

  29. Love it when they lose 1vs1 against silver players, haha That couldve been me!

  30. IDGAF about BR anymore its unfair and booring. I coudnt agree more.

  31. Imagine playing apex and being bored and wanting to play valorant. I find Valorant so damn boring, and this is coming from someone who still loves to play CS. I don't know what it is about Valorant, but ugh, so boring.

  32. Shroud's skill is less than an Diamand at Apex. Hands down.

  33. “I can’t tell if I have aim assist” said every console player😂

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