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what happened to Battle Royale games..

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  1. Shroud should play Hunt Showdown. It's a "BR" but has a different play style and doesn't feel like a BR.

  2. The maps got too big and too cluttered. BR was the best back during blackout and very early apex and early Fortnite, when each POI was just a few buildings. You would just loot a bit and go fight, instead of these huge massive pois with 30 buildings and you just loot forever.

  3. After a while …Playing Apex makes you ask this question. It’s just a thing.

  4. ik you wont see this but please stream playing tabg its a great gamr

  5. This is one of the few times where I disagree with shroud… BRs just wouldn't be the same if you remove looting, it would be more of a one-life team deathmatch then or free-for-all, if you give loadouts.
    The most I feel like they can do, without making it a COMPLETELY different or new genre, would be adding in survival mechanics, IE hunger, thirst and exhaustion.

  6. The only thing I hate about BR is the waiting between matches. Especially if I'm killed quickly. Finding a match and loading in kills the fun. Fighting games suffer from this, too.

    It also sucks to drop in and not find a weapon before getting killed.
    "Oh look, a p2020."

  7. It's not the genre that is bad, it's just that most of the BR games are super slow paced and Apex is one of those. You either have to loot for ages or you have to rotate across the map for a lifetime until you find more than 4 teams. They should just increase the movement speed and the speed at which circles close as well as add more cover to remove those crappy sniper poke-fights. H1Z1 is still the best BR game ever created. You hardly have to loot stuff and the cars allowed for decent rotation speeds. Also the ranked system was by far the best.
    "But if everybody had the same exact thing, that would be so much more fun to me" (probably referring to gear). That is literally what H1Z1 was. 2x AR, Shotgun or AR, Shotgun, Magnum.

  8. can somebody help me? my apex gets stuck on loading screen. I can't do anything. I reinstalled it 3 times now. I play on steam btw.

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  10. What happened is that people did nothing but play the same old battle royale with different names for 5 years straight.

  11. Arena needs a much smaller map or an objective. Imagine bomb defuse or CTF mode in apex

  12. To me BRs are much better than regular multiplayer games and escape from tarkov style and open world survival pvp with base building etc games are better than BR… it’s levels to this stuff.

  13. Nothing wrong with Apex. Just bcoz you are bored doesnt mean millions of players dont enjoy it everyday. Its tough n competitive. Its just that not everyone wants to be competitive. I feel BR without a little Rng would be boring as hell. Same scenario as Valorant which i became bored of in a month. There were other BRs like HyperScape, BloodHunt, Naraka etc. Which are good too but mostly ignored.

  14. any "br" that lets u come back to life isnt a br

  15. The problem I see is (whatever you wanna call it,) greed for micro transactions/fixation on making more content. Plenty of games have plenty of content, but only a couple studios actually dedicate time and energy to improving the game/ receiving and executing on feedback. H1Z1 KOTK was the shit to me, and it only had a few iterations of the map, but 2 tapping, carrying helmets, making bandages. Besides the random bug here and there, that game felt crisp and gunfights were intense, fast, and rewarding. Nothin beat 2 squads of 4 absolutely Rollin on each other code 3 and seeing everyone bail and popcorn heard in the distance for everyone else. Then they made the combat update…

  16. there has been attempt to change things, innovative things. and these new attempts fail because people like you think its boring, then you complain about the old formula which has been refined boring when its popular.

  17. Shroud should try HUnt Showdown and commit to it to understand and enjoy it

  18. Hunt Showdown, and to a lesser extent Escape from tarkov is the future of BR

  19. A BR game that I felt was fair in most aspects was Spellbreak. It's not like as flashy as the other new BRs but it's feels balanced. It just didn't gain the traction it should have because warzone.

  20. Shroud pliz play pubg na somaney people wan to know your iq,👍💯😳

  21. By shroud's logic on hating BRs, everyone should hate on life too as we weren't born billionaires

  22. What I like about apex legends is that the lore makes the br more fun since it's just a blood sport tv show where the legends do die temporarily until they get revived by a respawn machine they have.

    Basically makes the game immersive and not just a game without good lore to explain what's going on.

  23. I'm so ready for the old pubg creator to make that insane map so we can get a crazy ass battle royale hopefully if someone makes one

  24. I'll tell you what happened… they all started copying each other to the point where they all play exactly the same… shit got stale.
    I could live rest of my life without ever playing another Battle Royale and still die happy…

  25. I've got had news for y'all, Battle Royales were always trash, you just finally got tired of them.

  26. With popular BR's like Warzone and Fortnite, two things happened in my opinion:

    1. With BR popularity causing so much player increase, it's now about money more than anything – as in the focus from the developers goes to ideas for revenue (skins, operator packs, weapons) instead of listening to the audience at large and fixing the bugs.
    2. With the player increase and so much draw from content creators posting high kill games, matchmaking is not even close to even anymore which causes either "bot lobbies" or "sweat lobbies."

    As for pubg…ahh, how glorious were the old pubg days…? It was mainly glorious because there weren't so many options. In terms of mechanics, bugs, and listening to their audience, the pubg developers have stuck to their guns (pun intended). The game has always been playable and rewarding. However, with the options for BR games now, pubg is looking and feeling a bit outdated.

  27. We all hate the games when we suck at it. So…


    What I like about apex legends is that the lore makes the br more fun since it's just a blood sport tv show where the legends do die temporarily until they get revived by a respawn machine they have.

    Basically makes the game immersive and not just a game without good lore to explain what's going on.

  29. I like how people say PUBG is dead. Almost 300k people playing as of 45 mins ago. Mkay.

  30. "if everyone had the same exact thing that would be more fun" like what shroud ?? Thats part of the game dawg overcoming the odds! That quote just sounds like a lazy gamer who cant handle the challenge anymore honestly

  31. I've always thought it stupid that the guns in apex have so much variability in terms of power considering it's a battle royal and finding good loot on drop is just RNG. Like if I drop next to someone and I get a P20 and they get an R3, I'm probably going to lose. I have never thought that was a good thing, and I think they should just bring everything together, buff the worse guns or nerf the best guns.

  32. The main problem with BR is people sweating their balls off and only way you can do anything is doing the same. But the problem is it's simply not worth sweating so much over winning a BR game. The fun factor of game gets greatly reduced cause of this, the casual players are just running loot drop for many of these players.

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