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Welcome To Party Royale | Fortnite

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Welcome to Fortnite Party Royale. Read more here:

Watch Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and deadmau5 live in-game in back to back DJ performances in Fortnite’s Party Royale Premiere on Friday, May 8 @ 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT. Get up close to join the show, chill with your friends, and login from May 8, 2020 at 6 PM ET to May 11, 2020 at 10AM ET to get the free music reactive Neon Wings Back Bling!

What is Fortnite Party Royale?
Party Royale is an experimental and evolving space in Fortnite. Leave your weapons and mats behind and hang out with friends, play games and enjoy live entertainment. Catch live shows. Race around obstacle courses by land or sea. Go fishing with friends, perfect your skydive, and get up close and connect with some of your favorite artists. Hop on the party bus and enjoy the ride.

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  1. Wow disneys bringing disney world to fortnite now!

  2. I feel like this mode is underrated people should try it when it came out I hated it but when I kept playing it it was fun and more fun I play this mode more than actual games that’s how fun it is

  3. Party royale starter pack ruby,party hips,true love

  4. All chill, no sweat
    Ruby skins with party hips

  5. Crazy cause it got introduced on my birthday april 29th

  6. Party royale is sadly a no chill all sweat mode now

  7. Bruh almost a year old ma I remember getting in I guess on the first day it was launched

  8. “All chill, no sweat”

    Current state of Party Royale is worse than sweats

  9. Hello this video was released a year ago and my birthday is tomorrow

  10. Welcome to party Royale we have simp, thots, lonely people

  11. Everyone : Chilling

    Forgot something


  12. Who else saw kirby in the nintendo switch edition

  13. PARTY ROYALE very stupid I hate PARTY ROYALE >:(

  14. "All chill no sweat" Simps are Sweating if you know what I mean.

  15. Welcome to Party Royale where there are:
    Toxic Players
    Emote Flexers
    Some players that buys accounts to flex
    Emote Battles

  16. the reaper season 3 is garbage
    season 2 is better

  17. "All chill no sweat"
    That one Superhero skin: does take the L on everybody even on afk players

  18. Stupid game Fortnite 🖕👎🏻🤬😡🤬👎🏻

  19. How to switch from party royale to battle royale in my Nintendo switch? Please help

  20. Where is party Royale at on Xbox. Can’t find it anywhere. How do I join it?

  21. I miss when the mode was actually fun instead of just toxicity and emote battles everywhere now

    I do love emotes but sometimes people just get annoying with it

    The simping has been here since the start though and that has to end its ridiculous

  22. Last trailer of chapter 2 season 2 how time flys

  23. why did yall remove the party royale in chapter 2 season 8???????

  24. With the new arm changer game thing it didn’t work for me can’t find party Royale

  25. i became adikted to this game mod for 2 months now i am not thank god

  26. It would be lovely if theres a dance room like a club on that small town.

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