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Warzone 2.0 Battle Royale Gameplay! (No Commentary)

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Warzone 2.0 Battle Royale Gameplay! (No Commentary)
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  1. This video has less comments becos people are busy in seeing the amazing gameplay 💛

  2. i like the game from the cover cuz its not over 80 gigs

  3. Why am I not able to play warzone 2?????? It just keeps going to modern warefare 2. Which I don't and won't own.

  4. Amazing play 🎮👍
    Amazing play 🎮👍
    Amazing play 🎮👍
    Amazing play 🎮👍

  5. The guy who killed you at the end was cheating. You should have recorded it and exposed it to everyone because Activision is doing everything possible to cover up the HUGE cheating problem Warzone 2 has.

  6. Come and support ya boi stream on twitch @darealwimeto

  7. I can't play the game so i will just watch your video

  8. what are your graphics setting, i put everything on high and it still looks blurry when i look far. res 4k. rtx 3060

  9. Porque cuando cae del avión cada rato saca el paracaídas?

  10. Firstly I'm glad for the No Commentary and as such THANKS
    Secondly your strategy is really sound.. learning alot from this 👏

  11. Watching this as game downloads who's here with me 💯

  12. The enjoyment of game no others games can beat/replace pubg

  13. Dónde andan todos los los que juegan Batlle Royal 😎

  14. Si estás buscando un juego de Battle Royale lleno de aventuras y acción, entonces Call of Duty: Warzone es la opción para ti. El juego ofrece una gran variedad de armas, vehículos y objetos para desbloquear, así como una dinámica de juego distinta a la de otros Battle Royales. El modo de juego se centra en el combate cuerpo a cuerpo, lo que significa que hay que estar atento y listo para luchar si quieres sobrevivir. El nivel de dificultad puede ser ajustado según tus preferencias, lo que significa que los jugadores nuevos y experimentados pueden disfrutar del juego. Warzone también ofrece una gran cantidad de contenido adicional, como misiones y objetivos, así como una variedad de mapas para explorar. Si estás busc

  15. Old warzone was better than this 😢😢 verdansk was emotion ❤😢

  16. no matter how good u are, if someone sees you first and shoots, ur dead

  17. i love your traps in the game but i can't play this game on my pc🙂

  18. Jogava muito bem pena que o Pc meu já era rapaziada era top de mais

  19. I can't watch Stoned Mountain for the fact I can't seem to focus on the game. Time to time I would watch his games but only for few minutes. Not to bad mouth him – I like the guy but…sometimes he's just too much!

  20. are you using game pad controller or pc keyboard?

  21. Looks like the laser sight is only useful at close range

  22. como juego el mapa de antes el grande battle royale?, y no ese pequeño que revives como 100 veces. me gusta el mapa de antes


  24. This game is pretty good but the only thing I don't like is the map the looting system and the crashes and also the person who commands us the old one was just better.

  25. Are you playing with controller or mouse and keyboard?

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