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Warface – Battle Royale Trailer | PS4

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Meet the new PvP mode: Battle Royale! Test your limits in a fight between 32 players and become the one who’ll survive in Mojave desert!


  1. Well at least it looks better than fortnight even though I Will never play either of them

  2. Warface isnt just dying, its being murdered….but did it fail though ?

  3. Reminds me of the time when everyone was making a zombie game.

  4. What's next Darksouls Royale? BorderLands Royale? The SIMS battle Royale!?

  5. Having nickleback sing for you tralier is downright disgusting!!

  6. Just dance battle royale

  7. But does it have battle royale? 😸🤣😂

  8. Red dead redemption 2 battle royle

    Oh wait they didn't even put multiplayer

  9. I hate BR because I spend more time waiting to start a game (waiting for full room, then waiting for timer to start, then waiting for loading screen, waiting for plane to fly, waiting to parachute, waiting to land) than actually playing (often times die within a few seconds or minute) and waiting 5-10 min just to play 1 minute on average, at best after many matches I finally survive longer than 5-10 min to equalize the time spent waiting.

  10. felipe oliveira dos santos albuquerque says:

    Parem com battle royaly já deu o que tinha que dá saturou o mercado 😱

  11. Next: Halo battle royale
    Infamous battle royale
    TES battle royale 😂😂😂

  12. Xd battle royal is the most dangerous virus in the humanity

  13. Way too many Battle Royale games. Might aswell make "The Sims: Battle Royale" while the trend is going on.

  14. o jogo é bom mas os servidores é mto longe imagina o batle royale n vai dar nem pra jogar

  15. Way better then call of duty black ops 4

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