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With Player Unknowns Battleground (PUBG) and Fornite, this genre of games took off everywhere! Get ready to experience the REAL Battle Royale also in Virtual Reality VR! Here is the list of the most popular and upcoming VR Battle Royale games in 2018 and beyond!

Survive in Rec Royale, Standout VR, Bullets and More Royale Update, Do or Die, Population One, Virtual Battleground, Overduty VR and the MOST awaited Pavlov VR Battle Royale.

(HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR, Windows Mixed Reality)


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Mobile Controller:

REC Room:
DO or DIE:

Overduty VR:
Pavlov VR:

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  1. Oh boy! Son in VR and Dad on the computer 😁 here we go!

  2. Very nice. I like your videos. I do wish there were more VR royale games in Fortnite’s style. A little more fun and goofy.

  3. I wish some of these looked different, like maybe fantasy; sci-fi, or superheros. I mean, I enjoy fortnite, but if they all look the same; then the market will be oversaturated:)

  4. Tyriel – you missed my favourite off the list "Walk on Arrow' – no one knows about this, so only bots atm, but a real solid game with unique movement (bow based, zipping over the map to where your arrow lands) Also more of a fortnite / recroom vibe, which I like more than the grey/brown military type games – it deserves a player base.

  5. Fps shooters for phone next time pls👌🏼

  6. We have come so far but at the same time we haven’t

  7. You should revisit these games as they have changed a lot

  8. If your looking for a good battle royals game on oculus quest/rift Population One is a great one!

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