VALHALL Gameplay Trailer (2018) Medieval Battle Royale Game -

VALHALL Gameplay Trailer (2018) Medieval Battle Royale Game

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Best of Odin’s warriors came back to Valhall to get the sword of Odin. It possess all power over nature forces that will be enough to stop Ragnarök.

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VALHALL Gameplay Trailer (2018) Medieval Battle Royale Game
Release date : 2018
© 2018 – Blackrose Arts

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  1. So this isn't a br anymore? Just a typical survival game?

  2. SooooIt's first person For Honor with more players and destruction physics?

  3. You can tell that the game isn't very polished.
    Those are some pretty stiff animations, lol.

  4. This is kingdom come all over again. Kinda

  5. Good boys go to heaven
    Bad boys go to Valhalla
    SKÅL !

  6. I present to you minecraft hunger games with better graphic

  7. alex the movie man out of my mind studios says:

    I. Have RuneScape no thanks

  8. Woa Woa Woa hold the phone, did u say medieval Battles royal?!?

  9. Stop with the fucking battle royales damn it come up with yall own formula shit

  10. 1:27 literally the stormlord armor from the immersive amors mod from Skyrim lol

  11. Totally scripted gameplay and this viking trending on vídeogames is getting old already…

  12. game devs in 2018:


  13. If they do this right this could be amazing

  14. All I see is a bunch of hunchbacks doing Hollywood play fighting.

  15. Awful choice of music. Decent looking game, though. But I'm not a fan of battle royale stuff, even though this game incorporates it nicely with magical warping/destruction.

  16. I’ve been begging for a medieval battle Royale game for years now, I just hope this gets polished up and brought to PS4

  17. possibly one of the best games to come out in a decade!

  18. Devs have to understand that nothing will come close to pubg and fortnite so just wasting money on that shit.

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