VALHALL Gameplay Trailer (2018) Medieval Battle Royale Game -

VALHALL Gameplay Trailer (2018) Medieval Battle Royale Game

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Best of Odin’s warriors came back to Valhall to get the sword of Odin. It possess all power over nature forces that will be enough to stop Ragnarök.

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VALHALL Gameplay Trailer (2018) Medieval Battle Royale Game
Release date : 2018
© 2018 – Blackrose Arts

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  1. Yes, please. I can just imagine the potential of medieval battle Royale. Not to mention this takes place in Norse Mythology which is my personally favourite mythology.

  2. Looks bad ass to me but they need a lot more attention and advertisement. Hopefully the game starts to take off once they allow streamers to publish videos.

  3. This can be a revolution in battle royale genre if will be done right.

  4. If this is Dome right amazing bit low Changes i feel


  6. Whats the name of the song,tell me,please ! It is supper addictive 😀

  7. Medieval people had more humor than this trailer.

  8. This isn't even a battle royal its a war sim

  9. I hear comments like "very stiff animations" but this is an indie developer making a game that has the well known concept of battle royale but in a unique, interesting way. I think the animations look very good in it's pre-release stage and I can only imagine they'll improve. I'm excited to see it release! I love the ragdoll physics in some instances as well. As well as the hit detection.

  10. Idgaf if it's "another battle royal" This looks fun as fuck

  11. Sure the trailer looks nice. But the gameplay looks meh. Hm were have I seen this before hm? Oh yeah every game since 2017…

  12. Who spotted The Elder scrolls reference?

  13. Seems like a game that would have problems with hit detection. But if the actual combat is anything like elder scrolls oblivion but maybe perhaps a little more developed then yeah id play this game.

  14. I was just talking about a possibility of a medieval battle royale and how much fun it would be and holy shot here it is.


  16. So Mount and Blade. Gotcha. I'll keep playing M&B instead though.

  17. I hope there is 3rd person for this game.

  18. Battle royale is nothing new, its free for all… lazy ass publishers are literally making a game mode the ENTIRE GAME. Good thing none of the worthwhile developers are giving this shit serious glance. Bitches.

  19. Should be "Dark Ages Battle Royal", this was not the Medieval era, I do not see full plate armor Knights, mounted Knights, long swords, maces, kite shields. I do however see, chain mail, round wooden shields, axes, broad swords. Odd that i saw a Medieval style castle… Did they pass through time?

  20. что за летающие камни, деревья, без этого нельзя было чтоли блядь?

  21. the trailer is so flashy and music is annoying… You should have used some other kind of music into medival trailer…

  22. I hope all battle royale games will be extinct

  23. A few weeks later we will be seeing armored knights running at 1000 miles per second and arrows that that could hit you from 10 miles. Good luck with the game!!

  24. Please tell me there is a download link for this music!

  25. Im getting sick of these online games. I hoped for another Kingdom come deliverance experience buth with vikings, what a shame.

  26. Better than pubg or any previous battle royal I played.

  27. Well, that is the game my godfather told me in the prophecy… And he's Godfather before that. Im just glad that i am the chosen one who will play it. Por Godfathers doesen't even see the trailer of the game, shame… Oh, they have no idea. (Epic Music, you hear it?)

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