Trophy Pushing with the BEST DECK in Clash Royale before the nerf!! -

Trophy Pushing with the BEST DECK in Clash Royale before the nerf!!

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#ClashRoyale Trophy Pushing with the BEST DECK before the nerf!!
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Trophy Pushing with the BEST DECK in Clash Royale before the nerf!!

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  1. bruh I'm a lvl 12 using hog 2.6 and I got to 6400 trophies. I so wish I had nick's account…

  2. I don’t know how to use your deck, Lol, XD(I got low level cards)

  3. fisherman: I dOn'T cArE iF tHe GoLeM wEiGtS 10 tOnS i CaN pUlL hIm ToWaRdS mE bEcAuSe I hAvE aMaIzInG sTrEnGhT.
    golem: WhY? hOw? HoW dId He MaNaGe To PuLl Me!!!?

  4. wow, havent watched since 2016 and I didnt think that youd look any different but wow. No disrespect but its crazy how time flies

  5. I just found this guy and he looks like Elon musk

  6. @7:40 – Nothing beats whenever Nick takes a big slurp out of his over-grown sippy cup… It just looks & sounds so ridiculously stupid. LOL!

  7. That guy:

    That group:

    Everybody in the U.S:

    Literally everybody on Earth:

    Nick: FISH SLAP

  8. All Cards Should be Available for the Clan Wars but Team Clash Royale are a Team of Control Freaks which makes them total control freaks. You can tell this because they do a monthly change to Alter whatever they see fit to choose and they give pathetic lies and excuses to Justify altering cards in a game of cards you can not alter a Queen to another cards in a Proper game of cards but they seem thick to realises that.

  9. I never have any idea what nick is talkin abt😂

  10. "All cards were created equally- even royal giants"- clash royale

    Witch after nerf:….

  11. 4:214:31 when you’re so ‘gassed’ as my brother would say, that you have battle pass, that you start randomly waffling

  12. Pankilas 2 👈🏻 join this new clan please, I have another clan that is called Pankilas and it’s full. Join now and I’ll give u co-leader.
    Deal? No? Ok.

  13. Only true veteran if you watched all of it

  14. 10:55 Did it hurt anyone else’s soul when he poisoned both towers and didn’t go for the 3 crown?

  15. You got your 3200 likes dude. Now give me the $20 you owe me

  16. Yo publico videos de partidas sin comentarios. Son mas cortos y con musica de fondo.

  17. are we allowed to monetize clash royale game play

  18. I'm so sorry nickatnyte, I used your original name 😂😂

  19. Nick you are have a ring? Do you Married?

  20. At 21:06 did anyone notice a musketeers noise that shouldn't be there?

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