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Today I want to breakdown my picks for the top ten mobile battle royales games of 2019 – 2020!

10: Disorder

9: Creative Destruction

8: Cyber Hunter

7: Knives Out

6: Ride Out Heroes

5: Super Mecha Champions

4: Rules of Survival

3: Fortnite Mobile

2: COD Mobile BR

1: PUBG Mobile


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  1. Thank you for the effort and time that you put into your videos!

    Just recently I got into mobile gaming and after watching 3 of your videos I already subscribed. Would be very cool if you did one about the top-down view games or something like Most Unique Mobile Experiences or Essentials/Must try per genre. Keep up the awesome job cause it really makes a difference!

  2. SMC, the game that introduced me to BR games lol, i really hated the genre before, and i am still considering on trying another BR to play, but only if it gives me the same excitement as SMC

  3. Usually I don't like battle royale games, but I must say, I can't stop playing Ride Out Heroes

  4. I got really into SMC because of the mechs. But you will find out early on some mechs are too op, if your mech dies or can't summon them yet you just melt. I'm playing ROH a lot now, not mad matches are mostly full of bots. I just wish the normal map wasn't so big but at least you can mount. The aim assist needs work too sometimes you just miss a lot when shooting far away.

  5. you didnt mentioned that RoS have allot of cheaters which is why despite of having a huge player base, many of the players ranging from beginners to semi seasoned player gave up and tried a different BR

  6. Dude free fire is the highest downloaded game

  7. There a game that not many people know but it fun it call 香腸派對Sausage Man

  8. Cod mobile should be on first place…pubg is being almost gone after this game is being released + lots of downloads after 5-6 months i guess and great rating then pubgm also not glitchy and bugs as pubg mobile im cod mobile.Agree?

  9. what it these shit lists?
    you clearly don't play any genre, it's all fcking clone 3rd person shooter and fps.

  10. 5:32 this game is amazing, i think it should be released on more platforms

  11. Great list! As a long term fan of pubg and its mobile port, I have lost interest in it because of the immense amount of bots I find myself up against.

  12. This man never says a free fire the most player on Asia but is ok he didn't say that

  13. Does anyone else use GnBots to play while I sleep lol?

  14. The first game I can’t play it’s not ok in my oregoin

  15. It says Ride out hero is coming soon? How can you p!ay it?

  16. Free fire aka most watch mobile game on youtube : "am i a joke to you"

  17. Bro how you feel about emulators in Ride out heros?

  18. [SciFi Fantasy] ::top down:: Battle Royale…Android

  19. Still waiting for a melee based battle royale…

  20. I been a COD players for a long time,looking for a very neat battle royale to play

  21. Fortnite a pretty good game but it takes up literally 25% of my phones storage

  22. PUBG is the most real, after play him I can't play COD of Free Fire. It's uncomparable.

  23. Rules of survival was the shit with my friends on high-school

  24. Is it just me, or does Ride Out heroes look like Realm Royale?

  25. I've played some of this game and gotta say it was really glitching for me I want to play a BR but I don't have WiFi which will make downloading the game take forever. Any other BR that I can play that doesn't need Wi-Fi to download?

  26. I really think that codm and cyber hunter r the best cuz these 2 games r soo fun to play

  27. Why didn't u put free fire🚶‍♂️

  28. Smc for me ch was good but hackers all day

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