TOP 5 NEW Battle Royale Games Coming in 2018! (Battlegrounds Games) -

TOP 5 NEW Battle Royale Games Coming in 2018! (Battlegrounds Games)

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A look at 5 NEW Battle Royale games coming out this year! Thanks to Moot for sponsoring today’s video!
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Paladins Battlegrounds
The Darwin Project
Islands of the Nyne

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  1. Is the islands of the nyne is for PC only or for consoles?

  2. Pretty confident that no body is going to play these…

  3. 3rd person peeking is the cancer of battle royale games. AND btw – a cs go battle royale? LOL! the game that has the most active hackers? i'll pass.

  4. i love paladins paldins batte royal is THE! BEST!!!!

  5. Battlefield needs a Battle Royal game type. This would dominate all the other games! RIP PUBG

  6. I think he missed one game its called Mavericks

  7. they need to stop getting on the battle royale bandwagon, its a horrible game mode infact its cancer,

  8. All of these look meh except for the Chinese pubg/bf game

  9. All look like shit👎. I'll just stay on pubg

  10. inb4 Call of Duty: Battle Royal.
    the Paladins one might be interesting to check out.

  11. SOS is super cool but not quite a BR game, i mean you can win the game just by using your manipulative social skills.

  12. Europa is soon out in indonesia with english ui it called RoE (ring of elysium) from Garena..pre register now!

  13. As someone who has played pubg since the early access days, its so fucking garbage now, there are hackers in ever single match now, and theyre not even the worst part, the desync and crazy bugs just make it look like the game has been working backwards

  14. I look at the culling & the Darwin project as hunger games instead of battle Royale

  15. What about hunt showdown? It’s basically a horror battle Royale game which you hunt monsters and kill other players

    Edit: and escape from Tarkov?

  16. u only put garbage games wheres h1z1 king of the kill fking dog shit

  17. Anyone knows if there will be an anime style battle Royale game?

  18. I doubt this would happen but I think a Battle Royale game in the Dishonored universe with all the outsider powers in a massive city setting could be awesome. This would set it apart from the more standard offerings in the Battle Royale world thus far and it would have some name recognition to get it off the ground. Just a thought.


  20. ehmmm. Isn't the last one also called Ring of Elysium

  21. csgo battle royale will be a joke imo

  22. I hope no game over does it with “ Battle Royale “ style games.

  23. This game is a plague not perfect no great execution but somehow people like this garbage

  24. Just make massive free for all game modes instead let people respawn fudge

  25. i hope the chinese people will leave pubg for this europa thing.

  26. Wether you love Fortnite or love Pubg. I think we can both come together and agree these battle royales look like shit compared to Pubg and Fortnite.

  27. Remember when Force played hearthstone? Ah, good times

  28. System requirements for Islands of the Nyne please

  29. Arma 2 Battle Royale Mode was the first Battle Royal in History, which was also produced by Brendan Greene

  30. Battle Royale Paladins… what a joke, what's next Overwatch Battle Royale??!?!

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