TOP 5 NEW Battle Royale Games Coming in 2018! (Battlegrounds Games) -

TOP 5 NEW Battle Royale Games Coming in 2018! (Battlegrounds Games)

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A look at 5 NEW Battle Royale games coming out this year! Thanks to Moot for sponsoring today’s video!
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Paladins Battlegrounds
The Darwin Project
Islands of the Nyne

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  1. Island of the nyne & Europa. Everything else is trash.

  2. Paladins Battlegrounds is closed and will be released as a standalone game called Realm Royale (a better version : D )

  3. Update – Paladin removed their battle royale

  4. holy shit europa looks DEEP

  5. Ugh Devs gotta stop with the battle royal theme. Too easy to create too cliche and overrated. Devs gotta get more creative with their games.

  6. some people don't like it but i play this also amongst the other royales i play but this is my favorite atm but this just recently released a battle royale and i like it ..hard ..different but fun ..and is also a decent royale still in the work's but i wanted to throw those 2 out there …have a great day all if you care to know about the game's i have load's of crossout video's on my channel the horizon game not so much but i hope everyone has a great day 🙂

  7. if I play Europa for an hour, I will only see about 40 frames

  8. That chinese wannabe PUBG (Europa) is absolute horrible. The aiming system and recoil is like shooting a bazooka multiple times, you can't even shoot properly. The driving is shit and clunky so you mostly like crash in every tree/object.

  9. The very first game looks so good.

  10. least its better than those retards asking for a BR game mode on every game.
    literally just saw a dude saying * The last of us 2 needs a BR game mode!* literally lost my shit.

  11. Europa or ROE know it's a rly cool game

  12. I love you force, started watching for star craft 2 strategies and you are still going hard years later

  13. Didnt the creator of pubg make the arma mod though?

  14. COD BO4 Battle Royale is also a possibility…

  15. Europa aka Ring of elysium has english inside already for the ones who wanna play. You just need to know how to acces it.

  16. Mavericks !!! though in very early stages it provides a 400 player BR arena with less lag than the currentsss (with sum new funky tech SpatialOS)

    Also hunting etc. etc. Check it out!!

  17. no stop…first it was zombies, now its BR…sick of it. just switch it up..just give me 100 vs 100 war sims.

  18. Excellent video. I've had the idea of a Battle Royale Call of Duty game in my head for the longest time and some of these games are very close to what is in my head. The idea of a Battle Royale game combined with basically being able to avenge your death somehow is what I am talking about.

  19. minecraft hunger games was the best back in the day

  20. Ok so if this isn’t clickbait and you are not using certain words just to get into the YouTube algorithm define “battleground games”

  21. As long as it’s at least 100 players and 60FPS on consoles. I’ll be happy. But only Fortnite fits that criteria rn 🙁

  22. Where did u get that photo from? In Darwin project are no girls who looks like that… And that girl is kinda looking nice for the game.. Better than the girl skin-concept that we have

  23. Darwin project started just before PUBG came out

  24. Why dont they just make a hunger games game for mobile like this

  25. Yea but what are the age groups of those 40 million players on Fortnite hmmm?

  26. I am forward to europa but i hope it will be on android

  27. BRING PUBG TO PS4 SO I CAN GO BUY THE PS4…. any reason why I should not get the Xbox I really do love that game

  28. 1. i like the lobby system that is a deathmatch, that've already in my mind while playing these kind of games.. boring in lobby…
    2. tracking other player? maybe I wont like it…
    3. its OK
    4. finally battle royale with a purpose, instead of just killing / surviving, reminds me of BTTABOMBS, PREDATOR (hope there will be a Predator Hunting Ground games, where player survive against the Predator…)
    5. waiting the global release,,

  29. İ Think Europa similulation is so good and game dynamics so good

  30. the paladin's battelground is alomst same as realm royale but ofcourse it's the same company that made the game

  31. sadly theyre all dead already except for ring of elysium (europa)

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