TOP 5 FREE Battle Royale Games! (FREE Games Like PUBG) -

TOP 5 FREE Battle Royale Games! (FREE Games Like PUBG)

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This is my list of the TOP 5 BEST FREE Battle Royale games! With games like PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS and H1Z1 King of the Kill becoming extremely popular, here are 5 free alternatives!

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Games (in no particular order):

Prison Royale:

Fortnite Battle Royale:


5 Minutes to Kill:

Last Man Standing:


  1. Who else is here when Fortnite is popular

  2. Went to the steam store, only to see "Last Man Standing" Unlisted.

  3. good vid but i have a realy old cumputer i tried fortnite im waiting for my b day

  4. i think unturnedis the first battle royale cuz pubg is made in 2017 and unturned is older

  5. u have a video like this!! check it out on my channel!!

    it is my most popular video!!

  6. Fortnite Is Very Good! But I have A Good One To. U have to Install It On Steam Well. Here It is The Game is Ring Of elysium

  7. I wish I watched this guy when this came out so I could of know about fortnite and had OG skins

  8. Unturned actually was originally made on roblox and was later taken onto steam

  9. For me PUBG LITE is the best free Battle Royal game

  10. Fortnite is the rip off of the rip off of the rip off *2 hours later*of the rip off of other games

  11. Only PC players can play the Roblox game

  12. My toaster: i am run roblox 15 fps
    My toaster: i am so tired

  13. If you're a minecraft player, you'll know survival games are your best bet

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  15. this is the video that made me start playing fortnite

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