TOP 20 *FREE* BATTLE ROYALE Games that you can play Right Now!🔥(Early 2022) -

TOP 20 *FREE* BATTLE ROYALE Games that you can play Right Now!🔥(Early 2022)

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Hey Whats up guys,
Today I’m gonna show you guys the Top 20 Free to play Battle Royale games you can play right now in Early 2022. Hope you guys like it. Enjoy!
Dhat is your Favorite Free to play BR game? or Did I miss any?
Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. *Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt Min req – Intel i5-7400, 8 GB RAM, GTX 970*

  2. Honestly I completely forgot about Hyper scape Where did this game go ?

  3. Sorry that I couldn’t comment on ur vid these days, it’s cuz of my trash exams! Now that it’s over I finally have freedom to open YT and play games 🙂 so um hey 👋

  4. Bro I get 2 gb of internet per day and I want to play pubg , so is their a way I can do it adjusting the data

  5. Iam doing my homeworks ,then your notification came 😁btw nice list

  6. bro r u suure abt bloodhunt Min Req !! i thiink it was a mistake

  7. Is super mecha available on steam or epic games??

  8. My pc is core2duo and 1GB graphic card 8gb ram 2.3 ghz
    Will superpeople run on my pc??

  9. 1:57 hyper scape is about to shut down because of very low player base RIP

  10. I think u messed up with min requirment of vampire one game

  11. Uhh first of all is this call of duty I can't find on steam so can anybody tell me where is it?

  12. i don't agree with you pubg is always first in my heart
    nic evideo BTW
    why did u stop using tts ?

  13. damn I tried bloodhunt and I got 40 fps on low settings and I have r9 270x but in video it said min is intel hd

  14. Yey! Apex Legends on #2… I am really obsessed with this game and I hope you will make a benchmarks video on it soon.

  15. Can you do a video for top free online games with most player base

  16. can you do a benchmark of world war 3 with 7 5800x 3070ti

  17. Battlebit is back and its free for now I heared news later it will be for $20 am not sure if this purchasing news is true or not

  18. Can someone help me I had opened super people on steam and geegee send notification told error the error is 'the process is lagged open again the launcher' pls hlp

  19. Glad to see PUBG is #3. Easily my favorite Battle Royale

  20. They forgot to mention, hackers are everywhere xD

  21. ;;;;;;;'''''''''''''''''''' 2 Esdras 2: 32 -100 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

  22. Warzone even with high specs you cant play at stable fps

  23. I hate how all of the fun looking games have the highest minimum requirements 🙁

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