TOP 15 FREE Battle Royale Games you can play Right Now in 2021 | Free to Play🔥 -

TOP 15 FREE Battle Royale Games you can play Right Now in 2021 | Free to Play🔥

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TOP 15 FREE Battle Royale Games you can play Right Now in 2021.
Did I missed any good FREE BR games? Let me know in the comment section.
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  1. try totally accurate battlegrounds on steam

  2. is The Cycle has good match making? Gotta make sure cuz I'm getting tired on Apex Legends with their garbage server

  3. Cod mobile on pc using gameloop is also good

  4. Hey bro i like your works do you mind if we collabe

  5. imagine coming here and not expecting fortnite to be on da list

  6. Bro I have a core i5,8gb ram 2.4ghz Intel HD 4000.And you said fortnite needs i3 4gb ram 4000 Intel HD.but it's slow and the graphics are bad.Please give me a solution

  7. Does pubg lite still have active players I thought it was dying

  8. Sir cs go and cs go danger zone is one game?

  9. yo can we still play pubg lite? o thought it was canceled…

  10. Fortnite is not low end pc game 😕😕😕😕

  11. I want to cry with the 07

  12. Fortnite is my favorite but it is dying I mean fast

  13. Perfect tier list of Br games. Great job making this!

  14. My Laptop is capable for fortnite just want to ask can anyone answer can I play with mobile net via hotspot

  15. cs go danger zone 2gb ram i have 6gb ram adn got 100% usage rly?!

  16. ;-; i downloaded warzone and my game/laptop keeps crashing 🙁


  18. Really informative!!! Thank you! How do you keep yourself informed of all these titles??? Subscribing

    Is it true that pubg pc lite is no longer playable?! I didn't even know the existence of it and if it has been shut down I've seriously missed out

  19. Isn't Realm Royale dead? Pubg Lite PC is 100% dead

  20. Arma 3 BR Should be First, That's where all battleroyal games started.

  21. thanks bro for the br games I was bored playing FF cod mobile and pubg now I can play these

  22. Ring of Elysium lo recomiendo mucho es un hermoso lo juego actualmente hay un server de Discor de jugadores…. Muy hermoso el juego tanto jugabilidad como sus hermosos graficos….

  23. hey can laptop yoga 260 can run fortnite?


  25. i would play warzone but you know i cant cause of how badly optimise it is like my specs are good and yet it stutters and lags and i just have constant problems

  26. pubg lite is closed so should update this list 😀

  27. How about free fire/rules of survival/crossfire legend

  28. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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