Top 15 Free Battle Royale Games for PC 2020 -

Top 15 Free Battle Royale Games for PC 2020

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Hello everyone! welcome to KmochGame channel. In this video I gonna show you about Top 15 Free Battle Royale Games for PC 2020.

▶ Watchers
▶ Rules of Survival
▶ Z1 Battle Royale
▶ Creative Destruction
▶ Cyber Hunter
▶ Battlerite Royale
▶ PUBG Lite
▶ Realm Royale
▶ Darwin Project
▶ Ring of Elysium
▶ CSGO Danger Zone
▶ Cuisine Royale
▶ Fortnite
▶ Unturned: Arena Mode
▶ Apex Legends

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  1. 1.pupg
    5.causine royale

  2. rules of survival nao funciona mais nao da pra logar nem face nem google o que deve fazer ainda da pra jogar ou nao

  3. title says free but rules of survival for PC is pay game

  4. hi theres heaps here i didnt know about, thanks bro left a like, og black knight noiceness

  5. roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    i clicked cuz the thumbnail
    and trying to find new game
    so you too?

  6. Where is free fire num 3 i hate your vidio

  7. R these rely PC games?😂
    The Graphics is Sh*t

  8. la mitad de esos juegos están muerto sin jugadores y murieron en 2019 y lo pones en top 2020

  9. if apex wasn't so buggy and its servers complete dogshit it really would be the best one

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