Top 10 New Battle Royale Games for Android 2021 -

Top 10 New Battle Royale Games for Android 2021

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Don’t miss the newest Battle Royale games for Android devices. The world doesn’t end with PUBG Mobile, Fortnite or Call of Duty: Mobile. Links in the description to play these great game!


10 – Protectors: Shooter Legends |
9 – Mad Battle Royale |
8 – Battlepalooza |
7 – Bullet League |
6 – FOG Battle Royale |
5 – Knives Out AIR |
4 – Royal Crown |
3 – Farlight 84 |
2 – Mini World Royale |
1 – Omega Legends |

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  1. Hlo sir miniworld royal game kaise download kre plzz help me

  2. And it's time for 10:15 PAYBACK TIME Dhututututuututu enemy dead lol

  3. Sergio De La Crúz Corea Lárgaespada says:

    The best game of 2021 Mini Word Royale (CopySausageman)

  4. Most of this games are not supported on my country.. (🇧🇩)

  5. Hi everyone, I have a youtube channel and i try to cover different topics on gaming. Be sure to check my channel once. It really makes my day. Thanks 😃💙

  6. Thanks bro thanks you so much uptodown is best I love uptodown website and app 😘😘

  7. I install mini world Royale game,but its not starting,loading is not completed and game autoback to main menu of my phone, please help

  8. Pls someone reply how to download it in uptodown do i need to install the official uptodown app first?

  9. Bro mini world royale is crashing😢😢

  10. Bro omega legends is a Chinese game
    But I like ut

  11. Bro wat is your cellphone its so smooth

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