Top 10 Mobile Battle Royales of 2022 for Android and iOS! -

Top 10 Mobile Battle Royales of 2022 for Android and iOS!

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Battle Royale is one of, if not the most, popular game type on the Phone. With Apex Legends getting released early this next summer, it should be a good year for players that like the genre, and there are actually several more 2022 battle royales very few know about.

Time Stamps:

0:00 – Introduction
0:19 – Apex Legends
1:14 – King of Hunters
2:04 – H1Z1 Mobile
3:00 – Super People
3:43 – PUBG: New State
4:19 – Final Fantasy 7 First Soldier
5:55 – Happy Zone – Battle Royal
6:52 – Mini Golf: Battle Royale
7:39 – Call of Duty Mobile
8:13 – Zombs Royale
8:52 – Survival Heroes
9:31 – Valorant Mobile
9:50 – Butter Royale
10:11 – Conclusion

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  1. Pls do ldoe video again i am just starting out now and it would be really helpful if you updated your ldoe video pls

  2. I truly appreciate the way you explain your list like why things are on the list and I hope those first three are released sooner than later

  3. FUERZA! can you please get your investigative team to see if F.O.G MOBA Battle Royale is indeed online(pvp)… I am not sure if it is as it seems that it might be bots but sometimes I am unsure as it sometimes indeed seem to be 'players' but cannot for the life of me be sure if it is online or just a fluke

  4. The only thing that mobile gamers are getting from past 2years is just hype .. nothing else ..hope mobile gaming doesn't die

  5. 6:36 for starters,yes they would struggle, but if the starter already has skills from similar games,they would shread

  6. I died laughing when you mentioned that you ran out of games to include…….but yeah mini golf battle royale is good lol..

  7. love you're vids, continue with this content!

  8. 👍 Also this game ar good
    Super Mecha Champions
    Danger Zone battle royale

  9. Super People looks pretty good I’ll make sure to download it when it drops

  10. The half games are not allowed to my country😶😞

  11. I liked all your videos you’re the best I ever seen holly f@ak

  12. Been waiting for the king of hunters💀💀💀

  13. The way you pronounce VALORANT … like wtf. It's supposed to sound like VAL OR ANT. Not Volorent.

  14. An extremely underrated but amazing battle royale, that has no marketing, is Super Mecha Champions, it is a battle royale game where you collect materials until your mech is ready, then you can battle against pilots or mecha.

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