Top 10 Mobile Battle Royale Games 2023 -

Top 10 Mobile Battle Royale Games 2023

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Top 10 Mobile Battle Royale Games 2023

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  1. Farlight 84 is arguably the best. It’s so much fun
    I hope it gets the recognition it deserves

  2. Where is Fortnite? It should be in list

  3. Google never told you super mecha champion is marvelous battle royale because it is highly underrated. I will highly recommend anyone who love apex legends and far light 84. Call of duty has not apex legends vibes and, has PUBG vibes and cyber hunter vibes.

  4. U should mention Fortnite there's a lot of content to make for it considering the obscene amount of collabs they do, probably Supercell tell you not to? Who knows! same reason you don't make content for pokémon unite in a fear that could kill Brawl stars, you're afraid Supercell will pull the carpet underneath you feet?

  5. I only like apex legends mobile….! But it's not anymore

  6. I think that games is trouble instead of being at least fun.
    If only there was just one very nice.

  7. Call of duty mobile this game is best ❤❤❤❤

  8. I play Free fire for 5 year's
    In first time it's so boring
    But when getting up your level
    It's getting excited no more bot

    I recommend 4flag gaming watch it

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