Top 10 FREE Battle Royale PS4 GAMES 2021 -

Top 10 FREE Battle Royale PS4 GAMES 2021

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List of Top 10 Best FREE PLAYSTATION4 (PS4) games Battle Royale , NEW PS4 Free to Play Games 2021 BR, new FREE ps4 games 2021 or F2P PS4 Games for 2021 that are the best Battle Royale games 2021
This list includes the best BATTLE ROYALE FREE PS4 games from different types such as Open World, survival, FPS BATTLE ROYALE and many more that you can play on your PLAYSTATION FOR FREE


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Knockout City ( 0:23 ) Sports – Battle Royale
(Free to play for 10 days after launch may 21)

Scavengers ( 0:50 ) Survival – open world
Spell Break ( 1:16 ) PvP Battle Royale
Knives Out ( 1:49 ) PubG like – TPS
Hyper Scape ( 2:30 ) FPS Battle Royale
Don’t Even Think ( 3:15 ) Horror – Survival BR
Hunter Arena Legends ( 3:55 ) RPG / Fighting Battle Royale

Bonus Games ( 4:24 ) :
– Dogfighter
– H1Z1
– Super Animal Royale
– Apex Legends

VIGOR ( 5:11 ) Open World Looter Shooter BR
CRSED FOAD ( 6:03 ) Battle Royale
WARZONE ( 6:46 ) The Best FREE BR Game

Creator : @GROMO


  1. Is the animal royal in the PlayStation store right now?

  2. Is knockout city free?? I dont think so it was 20 dollars

  3. I don't like warzone bcs it takes 10mins to get in game and i die off spawn bcs of very little cod br experience

  4. I dont see most of these games on ps4

  5. U are the best bro
    Edit: just download the knockout city

  6. The viedeo from warzone war from Black Ops 4 wtf

  7. Your „warzone“ clip in this video is actually from Blackout so its not warzone.

  8. Can someone help me i want to play knives out but all i can find is the movie

  9. The last one isn’t warzone I’m a warzone player and ik its not

  10. hey guys, pllease what game would you recommend for a starting gaming youtuber to play.

  11. You showed blackout gameplay not warzone gameplay

  12. I thought you were going to say Fortnite at least

  13. +1 if you bored by fortnite and try find something else to play

  14. These are great! Can you also look for coop couch games?

  15. Can you make free to play racing games on ps4?

  16. Is i just me does anyone else want a game that isn't Battle Royale like a survival based game

  17. I had to back out once you put hyperscape in here

  18. Thanks For This Video. This Might Actually Help Me 😀

  19. Why u put hyper scape is even impossible to find 1 lobby

  20. Pretty sure warzone takes the cake even if it's a year old
    Edit: I wrote before even watching the vid lol.

  21. Are you dumb knockout city isn't a batle roya

  22. ok so like no hate but you should do a bit more research on some of these games or try them out yourself because some of the information on this video is not true as well as some of the gameplay. for example you showed Blackout but talked about Warzone and called hyperscape and 3rd person BR when it is not. i hope this helps a bit:) (to be fair the review isn’t bad and i think most of these games are good and all deserve a try)

  23. I look for " tellmethedetails team " in the search engine always when I want some.

  24. I need a actual good battle royal game. I can’t play fortnite little kids alwayS screaming and too toxic. War zone isn’t for me and apex legendsare meant for ppl that are actually in a squad and not randmods

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