Top 10 FREE Battle Royale Games 2022 (NEW) -

Top 10 FREE Battle Royale Games 2022 (NEW)

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list of the new TOP 10 BEST FREE Battle Royale Games for PC 2022 that are NEW FREE TO PLAY BATTLE ROYALE PC GAMES like COD Warzone battle royale , Bloodhunt and The Division Heartland.
Those are my TOP 10 Best FREE PC Games that are NEW Battle Royale games 2022 on Steam and EPIC GAMES STORE

0:00 The Best New Battle Royale Games of 2022

BEST F2P (free to play) BR games 2022 :

➓ 0:22 Open World / Battle Royale

➒ 0:53 Battle Royale / TPS

➑ 1:24 TPS / Battle Royale

➐ 2:01 Open World Survival Battle Royale

➏ 2:31 Action Shooter Battle Royale

➎ 3:11 FPS Open World Battle Royale

➍ 3:51 BR Action / Combat Third Person

– Knockout City
– Farlight 84
– PubG
– Shattle
– Scavengers
– Deathverse
– Grit
– Exomecha

➌ 5:50 Battle Royale Brawler

➋ 6:21 Realistic Dragon Battle Royale

➊ 6:55 Realistic Open World Battle Royale




  1. Which games are your favorite ? Mine are Arc Raiders and Rumbleverse !

  2. crowz is cool but BR is deadsuper people is very goodfrontline is like corwz – but i think it was cancelledpubg is god <3scavengers is rubbishshattle – we are waitingDivision Heartland – WAITING <3

  3. xdefiant next game from ubisoft free to play in july

  4. 80% of these games aren't available to be played yet..

  5. Arc Riders is not a battle royale, century: age of ashes is NOT a battle royale game is a multiplayer shooter arena.

  6. knockout city is not a battle royale at all just dodgeball

  7. im only here coz i cant play pubg so many errors in game no permenent fix

  8. ty fore this great video all games are epic but bloodhunt idk but this game make me remember some vampire game was cancelled before 9 years ago

  9. "at it's core, it's battle royale" Online Multiplayer PVE only

  10. hi, i cant seem to find the open world game on epic or steam

  11. you guys could also try Naraka: Blade point if you are into manhua or manhwa type of thing

  12. crowz Player Base: Dead
    bloodhunt Player Base: Dead

  13. Knockout City and Century are not battle royale games my guy but good stuff on the actual br games

  14. You promise that you would bring a PS4 if you like this video and subscribe

  15. And bring two one for me one for my cousin please he's hoping to get One PS4

  16. This videos horrible. First off, crowz has to be the worst game I've ever played and it's not a BR game. Ghost recon Frontline has been canceled and discontinued it is no more and was never released. I went to see when this video was posted, maybe it was a year ago but it was 6 months ago. C'mon man..

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