TOP 10 FREE Battle Royale Games 2020 ( NEW ) -

TOP 10 FREE Battle Royale Games 2020 ( NEW )

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list of the new TOP 10 BEST FREE Battle Royale Games PC 2020 that are NEW FREE TO PLAY BATTLE ROYALE PC GAMES like COD Warzone battle royale , apex and PUBG
Those are my TOP 10 Best FREE PC Games that are NEW Battle Royale games 2020 on Steam and EPIC GAMES STORE


BEST F2P (free to play) BR games 2020 :

Valgrave: Immortal Plains ( 0:18 )

Magnificent 5 ( 1:23 )

The Ark of Horizon ( 2:18 )

Realm Royale ( 3:03 )

Survival Frenzy ( 4:04 )

Darwin Project ( 5:20 )

Apex Legends ( 6:02 )

CS Danger Zone ( 6:54 )

Cuisine Royale ( 7:41 )

The Cycle ( 8:50 )


Creator : @GROMO


  1. Guys you should get creative destruction 🤩

  2. Everytime:
    This Game is a free Battle Royale game

  3. Me
    Yay the Cycle is one this list 🙂
    Yaeger It's NOT! A BR

  4. Quite a bit of these are like cheaper versions of Ring of Elysium. You have 60 players in a match. You choose a location to spawn in either solo or squads matchmaking. You spawn in, look for guns and attachments to use for killing enemies. Stay out of the cold zone and survive until the last circle whilst you kill enemies. After boarding the helicopter you are safe and you won. 4 players can board per match. The graphics are amazing and there is a great variety of weapons and gear. The game runs ok on older devices, or it does before *enhancements*. After enhancements my game went from 40 avg fps to around 90-100.
    I would recommend watching panjno's video about ROE for better fps and smoother gameplay.

  5. You know its legit becuase he did not add fortnight <3

  6. It should have been 9 best because fortnite doesn't deserve it.

  7. ok… cuisin royale is better than apex KEKW

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