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Top 10 FREE Battle Royale for PC Gamers | whatoplay

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– Complete, updated list of all #BattleRoyale video games available on the PC.

Ranking the best free-to-play battle royale PC games that you can get right now. As would be expected, Fortnite is on the list, but so are different Fortnite alternatives, most of which are now available on Steam.

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  1. Like because Apex Legends it’s in the first place 🔥❤️💪🏻

  2. im not trying to be mean, but you guys are jackshit at this. you legit put fortnite at 7 it truly diserves a 11

  3. 3:34 nope it was minecraft the one who started the br cuz at that time you got loot fight others till the end and there was a circle to sow pls dont put that game to a spot light cuz thats what they think

  4. How is a fortnite knock off better than fortnite????!

  5. Bruh this list is weird creative destruction higher that a lot of games that’s actually better wdym?

  6. Creative Destruction dosen't Deserve to be in this list anymore the Game is Sadly Bad now.

  7. rules of survival is pretty much popular in my country even though with that awful graphics and its as exactly a PUBG rip-off but yeah' whatever kids these days popularity events

  8. there is so much wrong info in this video. insane. "fortnite was the beginning of br games" lmfao

  9. Now, i'm not saying it's the best, but Fortnite should be at least higher up than creative destruction.

  10. Please write key points in the discription

  11. Every game in this list is JUNK

    Apex is good though

  12. Disappointed no one wrote the list in the comment section.

  13. fortnite has now 70+ GB to download this 2020 lol

  14. i hope we can see some realistic soldier fps game like warzone in the near future ,i guess imma stick to apex intil that happens

  15. Apex was fucking amazingly optimised, now I can't even get 30fps.

  16. Cod warzone the best , black ops 4 – blackout also super

  17. I remembered playing fortnite back in 2018 on my low end laptop one chop of the tree and it crashed🤣🤣🤣
    Straight uninstalled it afterwards

  18. Best battle royale =Minecraft hunger games

  19. Call of duty warzone and pubg lite not included


  21. Yeah that's right. Battle Royale games is meant to be played behind a Mouse and a keyboard. It's way less fun playing on phones. Hands get sweaty, phone calls and messages keeps popping up in front of the screen, misfiring, mis pressing buttons etc. Tons of battleground games are emerging. But I can’t play them all as a lot of them are just garbage. These are brilliant games. Each was worth a look. But my PC low spec 🙁 I found this video on the suggestions, so before I click on it, I'm leaving the link here:

  22. Can someone tell me why everyone hates fortnite
    Almost everyone played it like a year ago.

  23. where is the father of battle royale games lite version, PUBG LITE ?

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