Top 10 BEST FPS Games Like Call of Duty for LOW-END iOS/Android 2022! High Graphics! [Free Download] -

Top 10 BEST FPS Games Like Call of Duty for LOW-END iOS/Android 2022! High Graphics! [Free Download]

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“Top 10 Games Like Call of Duty for Android/iOS – Games Like Call of Duty Mobile (Games Like Call of Duty Android Offline and Online) Best Games for Android (Low-End FPS Games for Android) Low-End Games Like COD Mobile 1GB RAM, 2GB RAM – New High Graphics FPS Games for Low-End Android”



BattleOps | Offline Game
iOS – No plans for an iOS version as of right now!
Android –

Shot Dawn: International
iOS – Coming soon…currently undergoing private testing!
Android –

NOTE: For Shot Dawn, you’ll need to download an updated version of the app. After you open up the app, it’ll take you to a website where you’ll download the latest version. Follow the steps there and you’ll be set!

Battle Prime – Epic Modern FPS
iOS –
Android –

POLYWAR (Early Access)
iOS – Coming soon…currently undergoing private testing!
Android –

Modern Combat 5: Mobile FPS
iOS –
Android –

MaskGun: FPS Shooting Gun Game
iOS –
Android –

Combat Master Mobile FPS
iOS –
Android –

iOS – No iOS version available. Try PUBGM or BGMI instead!
Android –

Kuboom 3D: FPS Shooter
iOS –
Android –

Bullet Force
iOS –
Android –

Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel! Today I am bringing you all a highly-requested video: top 10 FPS games like Call of Duty Mobile for iOS/Android…specifically designed for low-end devices! All 10 of these games in the video work great on devices as low as 2GB RAM (some even on devices with 1GB RAM!), and are perfect alternatives if CODM simply lags too much. What are you waiting for?! Check out the list and try out some of these awesome games! 😀

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  1. almost all the games here lags on my phone idk what kind of phone I got

  2. Battle Prime isn't compatible in my Samsung J6?

  3. I used to play Bullet force back in 3-4 years ago and I was kinda pro in this game since I was hard on Fps games I spent lot of bucks to purchase skins and special stuffs I'd usually have 20-22 kills per match sometimes it'd be above 25-30 but the reason i switched to other shooting games was the cheaters started to ruin the system and later it got worsen like cheaters in every fckng game …it really gave me CS:GO vibes that's why and apart from it I really liked MC 3,4,5 before diving into PubgMobile

  4. Modern combat 4 is more like a legend for me. I have played a lot of shooting games from Pubg to Freefire. Mc4 is still the best. Sad it's dead now. I miss my compact 665.

  5. It’s always a good start when the thumbnail is a pc game


    The polywar has done good when this vid is posted it has 1m+ downloads nowhere

  7. Pubg Mobile Lite very very lag in 2GB Ram phone in 2022 pubg lite updated size is 946mb

  8. Rocores pack mb size 356mb mobile 💥💯💨💨💥💥💥💥💥💯

  9. 2 Maps 2 tdms 2 wars 1 payload map preparing rocores pack is 1GB

  10. Yeah battleprime is good since I've played it's like the other games.

  11. Battle Prime wont work at mine Im android 🙁

  12. For me, call of duty mobile works very well, but I can't play battle prime because it's not on the play store

  13. Combat master is a great game but it’s not really low end since it can only be on devices with IOS 13 and higher

  14. I saw so many people who loves gun game I don't understand why just tell me plsssssssssssssssssssssssss.. Anyway you gain my sub

  15. Combat master is the best fps game i ever played on mobile,but the problem is that there are only a few playing it,u can play against bots,and even though bots r really good opponents it still lacks the experience of killing real opponents,but if u turn off the add bot function then u r never going to get matched, because there r no real players,but seriously if this game becomes famous and more players start to play it it will be te the best mobile fps,ofc it needs some new features,events,shop like cod

  16. Combat Master is like Call of Duty Warzone with the Sliding

    TIP: press the crouch button when running to slide

  17. Aye bro thanks for making this video I downloaded battle Ops and it is legendary

  18. Must answer this question all Al are easy is there game with hard Al

  19. Mine is so shitti I cant dowloand combat master

  20. Battle prime can't be played in play store anymore

  21. Fwd assault is also good for low end device

  22. Don't lie exoticgaming I tried combat Master on 4g ram I even can't go on a match it will crash

  23. I'm downloading battle ops thank you so much for your kindness I'll repay you by subscribing

  24. Battle prime don't exist in play store on my device and combat master don't run on my device (2gram).

  25. Exotic I cant find battle prime in the app store and I have a 2gb of ram phone

  26. I always thought battle prime was not good until i saw this…

  27. My problem with CODM is the constant crashes and it has only got worse the more I played. The menus are cancer and so are kill effects and everything else for the matter. Tencent kinda pisses me off tbh with the unnecessary assets you don't need and the twenty different currencies is absurd

  28. I just hate these good fps games have such generic names and probably why they get looked over

  29. Him: plays poly wars

  30. It say battle prime is no longer compatible for my phone anymore

  31. U can add like Forward Assault it's 300mb it's good

  32. maybe try out infinity ops its really good fps I try it awesome and there so much feature,content and they have a robot titan

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