Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games -

Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games

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Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games

00:00 – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 BLACKOUT

01:05 – Radical Heights

01:51 – Rules of Survival

03:14 – DEATH FIELD: The Battle Royale of Disaster

04:30 – Darwin Project

05:04 – Fear The Wolves

06:11 – Fractured Lands

07:20 – Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

08:30 – Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

09:13 – SOS


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  1. Where is battle ground : pubg
    Pubg is the best battle royale game

  2. hold up, where is tetris 99? that game is godlike.

  3. i would play darwin project all the time but it doesnt have duos

  4. Thank you for not putting fortnite or realm royale in there

  5. top 10 worst and useless BR game who die and dont have online players. Go play minecraft if u think somethink good about this shit.

  6. I thought for sure the first clip of him going through that barn window was from a black ops 3 map lol no idea that was in blackout

  7. Ты по моему перепутал лучшие с худшими

  8. Но лучшей здесь все ровно нет.
    То есть Пабга!

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