Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games on Mobile -

Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games on Mobile

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Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games on Mobile

👉Pixel Gun 3D download ►
👉A3 Still Alive download ►
👉Garena Free Fire download ►
👉 Battlelands Royale download ►
👉PUBG Mobile download ►
👉 Cyber Hunter download ►
👉 Creative Destruction download ►
👉 Zooba download ►
👉 Rules of Survival download ►
👉COD Mobile download ►
👉 FOG download ►
👉 PUBG New State download ►

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  1. Im looking for a br game that has good movement and fast paced like codm and apex.

  2. free fire is boring animation is 0.0000000000001 dollar play pubg mobile

  3. pubg new state and creative survival game I think that is the correct name

  4. Thank you very much for the list! Ive are played Free fire and Pubg Mobile and currently playing Call of Duty: Mobile and now waiting for pubg new state to launch🥰. Your list was really amazing.

  5. More rise of kingdom 🙌🙏✨💪❤👏🙌

  6. PUBG new state I am looking forward to trying everyone starting at the same level should be fun

  7. New apex Legend mobile is going to release wht do u think about this game


  9. Mostly kids play on their android because they can't buy a PC and this channel is all about mobile games

  10. PUBG new state was/is a massive disappointment the graphics are no where near the videos I’ve seen it basically knives out in PUBG clothes already faced hackers on many tdm’s and server lag is horrendous uninstalled back to PUBGm

  11. I don't know why i have a high ping in cyber hunter even I'm playing CODM in 70ms but in cyber hunter it's +120ms

  12. Brooo this is so much not true the fact codm isnt second or third and pubg on3rd is not good . you are showning games that kids play and not averol cmon

  13. hi just wanted to tell you that battlelands royale got deleted. The owners of the game just deleted it a few months ago so your video is a bit off

  14. Call of duty mobile has by far the smoothest movements compared to others. Especially the sliding button, quick prone used to be a lot quicker but they slowed down its animation still though Codm's mechanics just makes the gameplay more thrilling and fast paced.

  15. Zooba is amazing and I’m kinda addicted

  16. Sadly pixel gun 3D is p2w and is ruined by 1 shot shotgun

  17. In my opinion Call of duty mobile is best battle royale 🥰

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