Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games of All Time -

Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games of All Time

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Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games of All Time
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Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games of All Time



  1. EA must be regreting that they removed Battlefield Heroes, that shit was really fun, to bad they are not thinking making it again but with battle royal mode, i think it would blow everything on market, it was fun

  2. realm royale and paladins are made by HiRez Studios

  3. Cod Blackout is best battle royale hands down

  4. thanks so much for putting darwin project on here, it needs an update though since what was mentioned is now outdated.

    yes it was announced that the servers are going down, but on on november 11th of 2020 after this video was uploaded, they announced that there were enough players to keep some of the servers open, and all players were consolidated to us east and eu servers. darwin project is still available for the foreseeable future, they are still focused on their next game season, but they did bring back the classic version in custom matches

  5. 1st – Warzone
    2nd – Apex Legends
    3rs – PUBG

  6. The absolute insanity of H1Z1 with 250+ player lobbies is hard to match.

  7. All are known games sorry dis dis dis like

  8. Bomberman series are the best Battle Royale games of all time!

  9. I think apex and warzone better than pubg

  10. Top 10 = all the BR games known to man.. and puts them in a really shitty order.

  11. pubg and warzone are next level ,the graphics high

  12. In my opinion Number 1 warzone, 2nd apex legends, 3rd Fortnite

  13. i miss the culling soooooooooooo much its was the best battle royal game

  14. y u show games that r dead dont get me wrong the games r good but there dead all the good one's anyway

  15. I love warzone coz it has vehicles,alot of guns,intense gamplay and yes Drifts

  16. I currently like apex because it’s connected to titanfall 2 which is my favourite game

  17. Apex legends is way better than warzone it’s way more fun than warzone warzone has been getting really stale because every new update in warzone is boring they don’t change the map and the map is so shit

  18. This guy is dumb af … Apex should be at top 3 period…. Ring of elsyium is a dead game lol & its in no 4 lol

  19. Battle royal I think started with Doom add on packs in the early 1990’s So it is not new unless you count board games like FASA’s Battletech or Star Trek 1980’s Klingons Vs Romulans vs Federation. Now that was a battle! Or DnD when 16 players in groups of 2 had to pick each other off to gain an objective with an adept DM 🤣👍

  20. Apex is easily the best battle royale game lmao, fortnite and the other battle royales are honestly not even close to apex in terms of lore, gameplay and movement

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