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Top 10 Battle Royales

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Thanks to an explosion of popularity, battle royales have flooded the market in the past few years and become one of the most talked-about genres today. Here’s a list of the top 10 modern battle royales, only including the games that are currently still available to play.

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  1. Best battle royale games
    Me:musician chairs.

  2. WHATR ALL of them in comon have is HACKERS CHEATERS

  3. I used to be into Fortnite back when it was only starting to become popular. But then I tried playing Apex Legends. From that point on I’ve been straight out hooked to the game, and it has been my preferred go-to BR. Never have looked back since.

  4. firestorm – i should be in there
    hyper scape – same
    among us – i thought got rid of them
    blackout – at least im mentioned
    pop one – facebook is killing me
    roblox – what about my battle royales
    minecraft – do I count

  5. kids: FORTNITE
    noobs : WARZONE
    pros: APEX
    no matter what happens pubg will always remain the king of the battle royale community

  6. Crazy prediction…..

    Apex Legends will be the greatest battle royal game of all time 👑

  7. i gotta say warzone is built for men! thats why so many kids hating it and it is huge in size. It gives real military combat vibe than pubg and rest!

  8. IGN forgot to mention middle game disconnect feature that apex legend have

  9. Lmao Ik there'd be apex fanboys shitting on fortnite and the only thing they can ever come up with is "9 y.o", come up with something original now douchebags

  10. Bro does everyone forget fortnite has a creative mode? Also cross progression makes fortnite win for me but apex is a very close 2nd

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