Top 10 Battle Royale Games for Android and iOS 2019 -

Top 10 Battle Royale Games for Android and iOS 2019

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Ranking the best #battleroyale #games for #Android and iOS up to 2019, drop a like and enjoy! 🙂

The Best New Battle Royale Games of 2020

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Is Call of Duty Mobile the New FPS/Battle Royale King?

Call of Duty Mobile VS PUBG Mobile | Analysis + Comparison


  1. aH yEs… this man is also a man of culture…

  2. Say it, fortnite has the 2nd best graphics compared to mecha champions, super mecha champions has the #1 best graphics.

  3. Here in morocco we play only free fire as phone battle royal ,its fun and competitive

  4. Pubg mobile i already downloaded cuz my brother loves to play it so i downloaded and it has a tournament too

  5. Me knowing that RoS will become a meme

  6. But I suggest cod mobile gives more difficulties than pubg. But each cannot be compared or can't give a place

  7. I have stopped playing pubg after I started playing cod mobile. Cod mobile gives the best gaming experience. After playing cod and came back to pubg and it's like moving to cartoon movie

  8. 6:28 why my device not support you say it's on Android and iOS 😐😭

  9. The Best Battle Royale Game is "Annihilation"

  10. മലയാളീസ് assemple 🔥⚡️

  11. can samsung galaxy a11 can run rules of survival? thanks for answer!!

  12. Super macha champions is such a good game bro thank you

  13. I kinda like free fire but 9/10 players are from somewhere that primarily speaks spanish or something and I cant communicate with my squad

  14. Pubg mobile is the best one in battle royal ever in android/ios(untill now!)
    Call od duty mobile is the best on arcaid mode but sudly they didnt work good at battle royal and thats a shame for activition!
    I dont have any experience of fornite cuz my divice cant run it!

  15. 4:39 you dont know how to play free fire. See ruok ff and then tell

  16. 10:54 wait what who started the madness . Pubg was released in mid 2018 in mobile freefire was release in 2017 it has the most downloads of a br game 700 million whereas oubg with just 200million

  17. Caution..long text..😁
    So..I am not a fan of playing on mobile, I play everything on the Pc, but I was interested and like to try it. If you are not used to mobile "shooters games" it will be much harder for you. Especially with playing with 4 fingers.
    1 game.. I played Pubg, I really liked the game, the idea of the game ,
    but if you are just starting to play, after two games against bots in which you will win, you play with players who are much higher rank than you and you have a small chance to win somehow. Plus you have to deal with hackers .And what was annoying for me its that people are just camping, literally in one house or lying in the grass next to the zone, looking from 3'd pearson and whaiting someone to run towards them. Which is not for me at all. Then..if you don't have friends to play with, you will be frustrated by matchmaking, bcs your teamates seem to be playing solo, not squad, so you are basically by yourself:/. And if you're a girl, be aware that if you turn on the mic., and start to talk, its very possible that you will find yourself in unpleasant situacion, unless you like listening annoying people who constantly ask you about your Instagram, Wap or anything they can remember, to see how you look and starting some "friendly" conversation, even if you know them for 5 minutes ,and you will feel very uncomfortable throughout the game listening to distasteful comments, ONLY because you're a women ).Not nice..

    CB-Critical Destruction is the same thing when it comes to starting to play, ranking is a mess. Again you quickly start to feel frustrated by the fact that you lose all the time, which is very normal because other people play a lot more than you. If its different I think that I will be playing, even if Im not fan of Fortnite, and the game its basically copy of Fortnite, but looks cool.The "chat" also,..every third sentence is swearing or "searching for a girl" . Its a game, not "tinder or some dating (and other stuff) page ,but people there dont see it that way obviouslly. (Not saying all the guys are like that, ofc not, all of my teamates with who I play are guys except 2 girls, and big respect to the guys who respect and treath girls like they should.

    Cyber Hunter. The game is not that difficult, the ranking seems fine compared to Pubg and CD. The only thing I didn't like at all was "aim assist" where you practically don't need to aim. No need for skill, or try and practice recoil, aiming and shotting, because the weapon fires without you.Reminds a lot of AIM that hackers have and that I experienced on pc games like PUbg and CSGO many times, sadly..

    The latest COD. Honestly for me, the best of all listed. Somehow it's all more realistic (although these are personal preferences who likes what in game). Ranking is quite good.You play against people who are same rank as you, slowly you rank its geting hire , and players stronger, which I think should be the case everywhere ,because it's not so hard for you at the beginning, you have time to practice while you are in the game, and not going constantlly to "training mode" , slowly you learn the recoil of weapons, and witch weapon suitts you the most.Even matcmaking was a way more positive experience for me than a negative one, like with Pubg, teamates are following eachother most of the time, although of course there are "those individuals" as always, but Im talking about my experience.
    I try other games but not memorable for me..Lot of this games are basically a copy either of pubg or Fortnite.
    So thats all. I stay on my computer, also an emulator where I can play the same games as on a mobile phone, ideal for people who are not used to play on mobile phones, but would like to play mobile games. At the and I continued to play COD (on emulator) and very rarely Pubg, although I wanted to, but since I have no friends who plays PUBGM ,and constantly falling into teams where everyone plays for themselves, after many solo games, which eventually get boring, I gave up of the game..But yea, I agree to try the games and eventualy you will find one, or more that you "fall in love with" 😁 So yea, go on and find" the real one"😁 Peace✌

  18. but how will you download fornite in your mobiel

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