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  1. Out of all these games Apex is the funnest to watch, No idea why Fortnite is at the top (maybe because of player base?) i tried to watch pros play that and i honestly cant even grasp whats going on half the time they build and edit so damn fast. Which i get it nvm the skill gap in that game is nuts but i also think Apex should be right next to it. Look at a pro like Aceu playing apex legends and youll see what im talking about, he's probably at the pinnacle (or very close) and its sooooo damn fun to watch him solo teams lol. But in the end i do get it its going off of the games he's played and how much fun hes had playing them.

  2. When I saw apex at d I subbed and liked the vid and then I saw apex at a and I’m like unsubscribe and un like

  3. Ima be dead honest now in fortnite season 7.
    What happened.
    They kinda just ruined it.
    It use to have a story line now it makes no sense.
    Remember those good fortnite days.
    I say apex is s.

  4. hey I have to ask, is warzones optimalization good? IM getting tired of apex but I didnt want to try warzone because it takes 4x the space on my disc and Im worried if it can run on my laptop that already has problems with apex(the optimalization in apex is absolute dogshit)

  5. I feel like people hate fortnite because its not fun to play anymore because fortnite at its peak was about coming home after school and just getting on with boys now its just you have to play competitive every game and cant have fun

  6. Seems like everyone who just can't play apex cause it's fast paced and takes a player to hit all his shots to excell, hates on it

  7. Can we all agree that the only reason he doesn’t like apex is because of the skill gap everything he complained about had something to do with skill 😂😂😂

  8. Current fortnite is so hard to play because of how shit the state of the game is

  9. I feel Fortnite’s biggest issue but also it’s defining feature is building. Building is so integral to the game, while also an extremely niche skill set. The end result being that any time not spent playing fortnite is time spent getting worse at building, since it isn’t a skill that translates to any other game.

  10. But you like those shitty ass weapons in fortnite.

  11. All these comments are about how apex is great, I agree

  12. Fortnite,minecraft and realm royale was the best. H1Z1 sounds really good cuz i love Proximity chat

  13. You can tell all the console bots moved to apex based off theses comments 😂😂😂😂

  14. Jesus loves you. Acts 2:38. Upci church locator for a church.

  15. You cant deny fortnite is the best br in its prime i dont care how much skill apex needs or how fast paced it is, when it comes to fun fortnite is the best.

  16. His chat is a bunch of apex kids lmfao absolute dogshit chat

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