This New Genre is Replacing Battle Royale's..... -

This New Genre is Replacing Battle Royale’s…..

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  1. PUBG it's first 2 years was so much damn fun man…. Since then BR's have been less and less enjoyable. Even if FN and AL technically made the genre more popular, it was still the downfall imo. I think Extraction shooters have a lot of protentional. But because of the nature of these games, anti cheat is going to be #1. The most obvious thing PC FPS games would benefit from right now is for everyone to have high enough internet speeds to allow for server side client hosting. This way NOBODY can cheat and the feeling that you KNOW nobody is cheating would honestly enhance these the entire loop of extraction shooters. Often you'll have a bad day and be like "a lot of sus but it is what it is" ( despite knowing the amount if cheaters is unreal ). But if you KNEW nobody was cheating, it would feel infinitely better when you die and infinitely better to gear back up and head in.

  2. I knew you where gonna say extraxtion shooter thats been the big buzz word recently in the gaming news cycle and i agree its pretty awesome and could revive some declining battle royals ive even played an extraction shooter on my phone and it was fun and actually easy to play

  3. Smh! Who videos did you copy to come up with this video topic.
    A day late and a dollar short if you ask me.

  4. Extration loterie shooters are here for 5 years now and you say new😂

  5. Combat master or counter strike type games….less network/graphics bottle necks

  6. Bro really said battery hours instead of battle royale

  7. Top 2 games for me rn are Apex and Tarkov. BR is definitly facing out but still find apex really fun when taking breaks from tarkov.

  8. Yeah, I generally avoid whichever genre the industry suddenly latches onto because of a single game's success. Tends to over saturate it with masses of shit tier, poorly mass, cash grab releases. Come back 3-5 years later when the industry abandons it.

  9. Why is no one mentioning dayz basically inventing this genre

  10. The fact that you mention separately the "aimbot" and the AI, thells a lot to me.

  11. I was so sick of arcade shooters, I bought Tarkov about a year ago and have never gone back

  12. The battle royal genre is far from dying. Pubg is still massive. I could see different genre making a comeback but I don't see it takings over anytime soon.

  13. extraction shooters are dull though.. Only good extraction br game was ring of elysium because of the snowboarding and stuff you could do back in the day.. It was fun af..

  14. I might be alone on this, but the idea of extraction shooters seems extremly boring. Personally i like BR's and Hero base shooters like Valorant because it keeps the focus on me versing other people. Fighting A.I. is just boring.

  15. Marathon might be a big game but it’s going to have to convince me to get into

  16. you cant even play fortnite on a 1200 dollar gaming laptop now

  17. I doubt anyone else is gonna make a extract shooter even half as good as Tarkov. Tarkov just has that soul with tons customization, loot, and fear inducing adrenaline. Tarkov is basically like WoW back in the day where the only game that's gonna kill it is itself. Also as far as the learning curve goes i think because of how extreme Tarkov can be is what hooks someone in. Maybe your normal fps genres are just boring to me because theres no satisfaction with the gameplay, making cool plays, Like if you ace a team in csgo, or win a BR , or win a match. None of those other shooters out rn give me any satisfaction at all and i'm more likely to uninstall those games before I ever feel like playing them.

  18. Waiting for an extraction shooter with unique and polished characters/classes.

  19. I feel like you skipped past arma3 and dayz before going to pubg

  20. Lol nothing will replace Battle Royal . Extraction shooters are fucking boring..I do t want to collect a bunch stupid shit I don’t care about

  21. I agree that a polished looter shooter could take over the gaming world.

  22. The problem with Battle Royales and Extraction Shooters is they become a big ole bowl of sweaty spaghetti. It leaves very little space for casual users to go in and have fun.

  23. SCP; SL seems quite innovative and cool genre.

  24. I'm not a big fan of BRs but I love extraction shooters. I really wish we could get one with dinosaur AI, like maybe a Turok return or something. I think it's the perfect genre for it tbh

  25. I completely agree. The essence of BR was exciting because u wanted to win, u wanted to be the last one standing. But since every BR now is full of sweats, extraction shooters appeal to more people now. They’re slower and more tactical. U have to think to ensure that u don’t die and lose ur loot. I find it quite exciting trying to get better loot. Extraction shooters just need to be executed right. They don’t want to be boring, but they don’t want to rely on getting all the kills.

  26. The first form of a battle royal was player unknowns battle grounds as a mod on ARMA 2! Not Minecraft!

    Player Unknown made the first battle royal and then went onto make PUBG the game

  27. Tarkov is fucked by cheaters. DMZ is garbage. Extraction shooters can’t be a esport like br. And have a much higher barrier of entry. There’s no chance these become big or anywhere near as big as br’s

  28. Fortnite prime is and will be best game forever no one will be able to beat it.

  29. never heard of it so… im out just came here to say i never heard of a game type that will kill BR…. if it where true i would have already seen something ppl care about

  30. COD MW2 has the DMZ as an extraction shooter that you forgot to mention

  31. False. Tried Fortnite, didn't like it, uninstalled and never played it again

  32. Other than Hunt:Showdown none of the other Extraction shooters succeeded did they?. It was a thing in division 1 for awhile then that was it right, are people really doing pvp in division 2?

  33. Battle Royal isn't being replaced, it's just finally being recognised in it's true form. the battle royal genre was designed flawed from the start and had very little of what actually makes that concept so appealing and enjoyable. These extraction shooters are still barely the beta of what the battle royal will be in the future. The one person takes all obviously will change because of the mass playerbase, but this concept will go much further.
    Sports is so widespread because anyone with a body can watch and understand and appreciate professional level play as physical athletics is immediately recognisable.
    No Esport has achieved that and thus will never become bigger than sports… however we understand individuality and survival and fighting is not something we can really explore in the physical world to the fullest. So it is a virtual battel royal much like the hunger games that will be the future of spectator sport, what exact form it will take i don't know. But I will say, the improvement to the formular is the RPG element. Games are too focused today on balancing via nerfs so that nothing stands out in any particular way from the crowd, that makes everything frustratingly ineffective and boring. A battle royal doesn't have to be from a AAA studio because there doesn't have to be a bunch of stuff in it, but you have to nail the essence, which is the RPG element of fighting other people the way YOU fight.
    So it's not about creating a specific battle royal type, it's about giving players the tools to play and win the way they are most comfortable. This is why Tarkov is succeeding and The Cycle died, it's not that they copied tarkov, but the personalized fighting style that the tarkov gun customization gave you was an entire system that the cycle for obvious reasons didn't copy, AND they got rid of the system they previously had which would have done just that and given the cycle it's own unique identity, jump jets and vehicles and gadgets…
    The most entertaining battle royal of the future will be one where developers start balancing player tools Asymmetrically instead of making items good but not too good at what they are supposed to be good at doing. And every tool will look OP when paired with their respective playstyle and player, and the fight between different playstyles will be fun for the casuals and legendary for the pros.
    The success of the hunger games books should be proof enough that it's what we want, and that's where it will go, games like apex have barely scratched the surface by using abilities for players to create a favoured playstyle and personalization from. I suspect it will take companies a bunch more tries before they finally make it there though, there's still a lot of concepts in the traditional battle royal and the immerging "extraction shooter" that need to change and evolve. But once we get there it'll be fun for sure.

  34. Bro yes I love this genre and didn’t know it even existed

  35. loved fortnite like crazy during the daequan days! smh the game changed too often and too much too soo and in the wrong direction. shouldve been a mode for competitive people only with the way we liked to play it BUT the creators wanted to cash in on kids and casuals so i understand.

  36. Warzone Verdansk was the best BR I’ve ever played… beyond that it took a turn for the worst! DMZ is trash…

  37. I love hearing this shouted from every mountain top "expert" in the industry. They have claiming this for years now. Yet really only a couple of Extraction games are even well received. Many have tried and not having a ton of success with. Meanwhile top 2 out of top 4 on active steam daily users is still ….. BRs. If you added in Warzone numbers and fortnite which are not listed on steam , I bet 4 out of top 10 would be BR easily. So seems they are still alive and doing well.

    All the people claiming Extraction is the next big thing will be making videos in a few years of "why extraction shooters never reached their potential". They will never be as popular as BRs . Companies are just wasting money chasing this pipe dream someone sold them.

  38. If someone could take nazi zombies round based horde shooter mode and turn it into a focused genre by a AAA title that would ignite gaming for me again💯

  39. A good pure pve mission based extraction shooter is R6 Extraction

  40. Little late to the party but the main concern I feel like that was missed with extraction shooters is that the decent ones aren't even F2P [Tarkov, Dark and Darker, and Hunt]. But even those extraction games are dying/dead despite their past popularity. Fortnite, Apex, and Warzone all have success not only from gameplay but because of accessibility, so being F2P is a huge factor. [I know The Cycle Frontier is F2P but that's a different issue due to cheaters which also another issue with extraction shooters including the P2P ones listed above ]

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