This New Genre is BLOWING UP… -

This New Genre is BLOWING UP…

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Let’s discuss a new genre, one that is only becoming more and more popular and mainstream. The EXTRACTION SHOOTER (or LOOTER SHOOTER?), Escape from Tarkov, Marauders, The Cycle, Hunt: Showdown, each of these games offer engaging and INTENSE Gameplay experiences, but what makes them different from a standard Battle Royale? Let’s find out and if you enjoy the video leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more!

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00:00 A New Genre
03:35 Survival
06:08 Progression
08:24 Narrative

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  1. I honestly think the ai in ghost recon would benefit so much from an extraction shooter or the danger of shooting another player in a zeek filled town in dayz. DMZ in warzone sucks solely because of how bad the ai is there’s absolutely no brain behind them which is frustrating. The game that will dominate is like I said one like ghost recon as an extraction shooter with a great loot system and keeping it

  2. Vigor(free on xbox and ps) is one of my favorite extraction shooters its shotguns feel SO sexy

  3. I’ve always wanted a tactical battle Royale, like ghost of tabor and in games like fortnite I felt weird cause my work of getting my guns would just be gone after a match, but in DMZ I did get to keep my guns but not exactly there so I guess my favorite battle Royale is now Ghost of tabor.

  4. Dayz is not the grandfather it’s Minecraft hunger games lol

  5. If its less than 1% than on this vid 700k views only about 700 of those viewers are subbed. Ngl impressive

  6. Real ones remember call of duty: ghosts extinction mode was the first of this kind

  7. warz was also a much influential game due to his mods by fredakys

  8. this is by far my favourite genre of games. I wish it had a wider audience/playerbase so the smaller titles like marauders and the cycle frontier got some love!

  9. Another great extraction shooter is Vigor. Same people who made DayZ, Bohemia Interactive

  10. If you have VR and you like tarkov check out ghost of tabor very fun extraction shooter with devs updating constantly

  11. Really unfortunate that cheating on pc tarnishes this game mode.
    Cheating in general sucks, but when you get literal rewards for doing so it encourages cheating more.

  12. H1 is still imo the best br game to ever be released. Pubg mid-release is close, but H1 can never be beaten at it's peak: the movement, simple gunplay, everything. Shame that the developers and the China ban ran the game into the ground.

  13. man. BRS used to be the best game modes in comp. Video games…. Until they ruined it changing unnecessary things… AND every BR game started giving every player 2-5 lives per match. ALL BR games now. Sniper headshots do not down a fully armored enemy they’ve nerfed everything way to much. All Apex fortnite and WZ have fully 86d sniping now and it’s so lame. Tbh. S1-5 fortnite. Early PUBG. H1. Apex. Was the golden age of BRS man. And we will never get back to it. The genre has lost that WOW factor lol. U can’t nerf everything and give noobs free kills on dedicated players w goofy ass swords & mechs😂 the games used to be so awesome and feel so rewarding but now 10-15 kill game means nothing after you’ve been rezzed 4/5 times. All the guns are weak. Nothing hits hard anymore. Theirs way to many lives lol. We need to get back to the old days man. The basics of battle royals. Make it difficult again. Make it back to a 1 life mode.

  14. That new bungie extraction shooter marathon looks pretty promising tbh. Love the idea of it. Suppossedly the game has in game leaderboards & an infamy system where u can gain fame from helping ppl extract, squad wipes, elims, and stuff. Sounds like a sick idea I pray that game is as good as bungies trying to make it sound. That game called the finals. marathon. & Dead drop. r my most anticipated new FPS games. Let’s pray atleast 1 of them r good🥲

  15. MagicIsGonnaBeALongNameOnTheYouTubePlatformHaHaHah says:

    I've played looter shooters before, mostly in VR but I do agree that they are very good and addicting some really good examples for me personally are the walking dead saints and sinners chapters 1 and 2.

  16. survival games minecraft was the first battle royale 😂

  17. DMZ could have been massive, shame it fell off

  18. Too improve this we should be able to sell and buy wepons and equipment in a shop so ppl can get more of that adrenaline. If you go out there with gears and die, U lose what ever u had in your pack. This should be set in a big open world. Players should be able to hunt for food and build houses or base. Find people to be friends with but will still be able to kill u. This type of game will be amazing. They could have different scenarios. Events like finding big foot in the forest. Or even have different type of specialist like hunter, trapper, gunner, driver, etc..

  19. He wants loot attachment? Someone show this kid Rust.

  20. If we're calling DayZ the Grandfather of BR (which is accurate) it would be amiss not to mention Arma's "Escape" modes as the foundation of all looter shooters.
    It's literally called "Escape [Mapname]". Almost like EFT got inspired somehow 😀
    Usually PVE, start with no/low gear, break out of a prison, loot up and make it to the extraction zone.

  21. 2.5k hrs in Hunt showdown. Ive gotten 7 of my homies into it. We all play everyday. There have been times were we successfully negotiate a truce and we split the bounty.

  22. Wasn’t Minecraft hunger games the godfather of battle Royale?

  23. DMZ is killing. Things to do. Fun perks and controller support so everyone can play is why they will the game!

  24. This has been a thing. Really really late to the party on this video.

  25. This is why I love Rust. It's just instead of extracting you have to secure your loot in your base.

  26. Hell yeah, come play Hunt, we need more players. Good video!

  27. Crazy how this all started as a mod by Player Unknown on Arma 2.

  28. Don’t like extraction shooters simple because of the loss factor. I barely trust the things that occur on the pc. If games were unhackable and means of cheating with third party devices didn’t exists then I might enjoy it. But wall hacks and assholes swearing that shit like a cronus isn’t cheating is the reason that I will never be able to get into battle royals. Not to mention everyone trying to be sweaty little streamers and forcing developers to pander to them is destroying all the games that I grew up on. I recently started playing halo infinite 🤷🏼‍♂️ and hey it’s mp is the closest thing since my era that feels like an actual balanced fps.

  29. Extraction shooters tend to be dull. Among the battle royale games, only Fortnite during its initial years and Warzone's Rebirth Island from its first installment stood out as truly exceptional (Verdansk was quite disappointing, to be honest). The downfall of Call of Duty began when they fragmented the game into three distinct subgenres. While this attempt aimed to attract a wider range of players, ultimately, one of those genres is bound to feel overlooked by the game's developers themselves. I'm uncertain about the future direction of the gaming industry, but I do hope that developers perceive the introduction of battle royale and extraction shooters as a detrimental move.

  30. deadsides a good newer one you should check it out!

  31. I can’t believe you didn’t mention rust! It’s 100 percent the most unforgiving extraction shooters because it’s essentially your typical extraction shooter except the place you keep your loot in between extractions also has to built and maintained by you. And your loot is not safe in between raids or any other form of extraction you can do in that game. I also believe the skill level is a step higher, and the players are some of the most toxic. It’s just all around the most unforgiving. And you talk about loosing a couple hours of work by someone you didn’t see while running out in the open. That’s kinda a light L in rust. In rust it’s pretty typical for you to loose full days in a row of work to someone. Who you never even end up interacting with or meeting (being offline raided)

  32. When are we gonna get an FPS MMO that's huge like World of Warcraft?

  33. I wish that ubi didn’t ruin the division because that was my favorite game at its peak and I would still be playing it today.

  34. Hunt Showdown is easily one of my top 5 games ever, coming up on 1k hours now. Seeing it grow lately has me excited. It's such a fun game, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what this genre has in store.

    Bounced off Tarkov after about ~100 hours admittedly, but i might give it another shot this coming wipe.

  35. yea and some of us like the 6v6 games or battlefield 1 and 5 they could have made it a separate game away from the rest of us.warzone is garbage and you usually only see content people still playing it so devs think we do it just because of them .if they took it back to closed maps on normal or hc they would sale just as much as the bs fornite esck games . i know a lot of people didn't ask for.and if they went away we wont miss them …at was plenty.

  36. How fast can I run to the extraction when I hear laser guns in the cycle while saying "imma dip this sh1t"

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