This New Battle Royale Game is out of control -

This New Battle Royale Game is out of control

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Super People is just PUBG in the Marvel universe
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  1. I hate to be THAT guy, but you only put 26 red bull cans in that animation at 0:04 instead of 27 like you say…

  2. Man yall should fucking play this more that was hilarious, love the content smiity, keep up the good work

    Ps. Long time fan been watching since before even the banana bus crew with all you guys, love to see how you've grown to become your own spotlight and channel. Here's to another 13 years friend.

  3. Ok well it looks like I've found a game I badly want out of the blue…

  4. 1:03 ~ Bad news bears to the poor Boners and Gaskills out there.

    The latter was a blue-eyed blonde on TOSU’s softball team

    Don’t worry, her grandparents are from Argentina

  5. S m i i 7 y… i has not even watched video yet, but i left like m a k e da s e q u a l

  6. It's been awhile I played PUBG but this game looks like it was in the oven longer than PUBG.

  7. Your character is a fucking frontroad male holy shit.

  8. There were 26 red bulls in the intro. sad

  9. me when I'm at a sex trafficking auction "rafflaren"

  10. Smii7y would love to have u on the podcast let me know bro

  11. I just realised I died TWICE to an AgentDickass in two different games when this used to be playable…

    Shame I didn't show up in the videos…

  12. Fucking “name a school after me” sent me 💀

  13. 27 Red Bulls is something that happened to trumps wife a heart attack

  14. Watching this drunk on a friday st 4 in the morning is a trip

  15. Bout to make my character the fattest ass asian girl possible

  16. 1:06 thanks a lot guys, I just woke up my roommate from laughing to loud

  17. "PUBG that drank 27 red-bulls." – proceeds to only put 26 cans

  18. Thumbnail looks like harry Potter on crack

  19. just began downloading it now atleast i have now more options to have fun and to dunk on people

  20. I truly hope the game I'm developing ends up as one of your videos some day just to see the chaos you guys cause

  21. Smii7y, any game you join immediately becomes out of control

  22. just a note, there are actually 27 red bulls in the intro, it’s not just a random amount of cans

  23. "competitive racism" is basically what the Scramble for Africa was tbh

  24. Man I just wish the devs weren’t pieces of shit, this game had so much potential

  25. This channel is fuckin weird, like it has this cluster fuck, it has war crimes(warzone), then just regular grilling

  26. I like the part where he says, “like the vid if you enjoy” because hearing him say it is so enjoyable

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