This just changed the gaming industry forever... -

This just changed the gaming industry forever…

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This is MASSIVE for the gaming Industry, Epic Games have revealed Unreal Editor for Fortnite and the possibilities are endless. Let’s take a look. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. Idk but I would rather play a real cod game instead of a copy in fortnite 😛

  2. This will allow indie game creators to make good games with less effort

  3. "imagine that this is first person" yes it's called call of duty.

  4. They are kinda taking the apple approach of taking a cut of everything, and the valve approach of letting people mod their game (and later they might poach the devs to make a full one). We kind of already know the engine can do different things because other games exist.

  5. I never would've thought fortnite would become the new gmod, but here we are…

  6. Just got a commercial for bug cornflakes…..

  7. This is incredible, I’m not a Fortnite player but I will be.

  8. The fact that Fortnite has less cartoony explosions than Halo Infinite is horrendous.

  9. is this available right now? insane graphics

  10. idk, i'm so waterlogged by experiences already idk if an influx of more is going to do much for me.

  11. Let the fucking game die alreadyyyy. Jokes aside this is seriously seriously impressive, but god damnit…

  12. If I could, I would post the "maybe I treated you to harshly" meme here

  13. I'd be curious if you could change the character models and animations.
    I'd like to make a new Gears of War Clone.

  14. if you think this changed the game industry then you haven't been watching unreal engine the past few years, they're way ahead of what (most) people achieve in fortnite lmfao

  15. Litterally the only intresting thing Fortnite has ever managed to do. Good for you Fortnite. Far FAR from the first game to have creative tools like this though, title is an exaduration

  16. dang i havent play fortnite in years but they are picking up with the graphics

  17. we can see this game have potential for adventure looter shooter RPG game or Multiplayer fast pace shooter or become any game you want.


  19. Didnt even watch the video, heard the future of gaming had something to do with fortnite, a game NOBODY over the age of like 19 plays or would be caught dead telling people they play, instantly clicked thumbs down and left.

  20. Epic had already tried to compete with roblox using Core and failed.

  21. This reminds me so much of Ready Player One.

  22. I want to know how to play that mech combat game. Looks awesome.

  23. If players had to choose this over it's basic and plain looks, they would choose the latter, performance in game > pretty, allways

  24. How is this gonna change the industry? It's just an engine like unreal engine. That's what Fortnite is betting on, its OWN future, not future of gaming. They know Fortnite is dying or not gonna last forever.
    The game is playing just like Fortnite but with different background assets. I really don't think it's that mind blowing.

  25. mod support coupled with UE5 may get me into Fortnite as a 30+ man lol

  26. let's see if fortnite will be able to replace Garrys Mod

  27. This has been done, over and over and over and over again. Its never changed the industry.

  28. Yall just heard about Unreal Engine and what it can do now? You are slow.

  29. and what yall forgetting is both unreal engine and fortnite exit for mobile devices so we can expect this ridiculous stuff in something as simple as a phone

  30. I am installing it and I hope we can make some nice games

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