This is the Weirdest Battle Royale Game -

This is the Weirdest Battle Royale Game

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Of all the Battle Royale games, Knightfall: A Daring Journey is definitely one of them.
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  1. You should play tabg. Totally accurate battle grounds. Russian badger played it.

  2. Lesli 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me says:

    I'm in love without the amount of unnecessary gun twirling presented in this game.

  3. Tammy 💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е says:

    Lol dude, this game is hilarious

    The other team faking being nice to get you guys was awesome

  4. Zola 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥 says:

    Lol dude, this game is hilarious

    The other team faking being nice to get you guys was awesome

  5. Smitty : Your Horse can drift Me: You had me at Horse. Matt would love this game

  6. The norm McDonald bit gives me happiness
    God bless norm

  7. Landfall is the definition of "It ain't much but it's honest work"

  8. What’s the steam review? 2 players enter 1 couple leaves

  9. Finally… after all these years…
    Someone else who eats ice cubes!


  11. When they got the rose got me off guard 💀

  12. Play more wish they didn’t die with the purple hand gun would of loved to see there reactions to it

  13. Just a quick correction. Tumnus was a Satyr/fawn not a centaur… Sorry I'm a huge fan of Narnia and mythology in general.

  14. omg i just found out im not subscribed even though i thought i was 💀💀💀💀

  15. When I see you guys play these new games I think you play against bots because I don't think many people play this game or know about it 😅.

  16. the first thing you do after having a gun is shooting it at the horse…ah yes, what an animal lover

  17. Fun Fact: The devs who made this also made Tabg and stick fight, and the only they day release games are on April 1st.

  18. The mile is older than the kilometer from what I've seen but the imperial system is younger than metric

  19. I like this game but it feels like knockoff tabg

  20. wait wtf did smii7y's little..pillow thing or whatever idfk always have a propeller hat?

  21. the amount of love and effort put into the animations in this game is genuinely incredible

    the way you spin the revolver and even the fucking glock, the spellbook reloading by flipping the pages and then making them spin like a revolver cylinder, the fucking rose sequence

    this is amazing

  22. It’s pretty obvious but just so everyone knows this was created by the people that made TABS

  23. "It's a game…"
    REALLY?! I would've never suspected!

  24. "I'm in da shooting range!"
    Immediately shoots horse

  25. This has so much depth and charm and I am in LOVE

  26. I saw the art/character style and instantly went “TAHT’S A NEW LANDFALLS GAME!”

  27. I love landfall. Theyre some of the most talented devs ive seen. I really hope they make an open world game sometime soon

  28. Back in my day we used ta drift horses, XD

  29. My buddy and I have played this a bunch and it's fucking amazing

  30. You are my favorite YouTuber and I love watching my vids they make me laugh even when I feel down and if your reading this I hope you have a great day

  31. Can you imagine these two as bodyguards ? Hell nah…

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