This Is The First Ever Anime Battle Royale Game -

This Is The First Ever Anime Battle Royale Game

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This Is The First Ever Anime Battle Royale Game. We are playing my hero ultra rumble again just because I still had some leftover gameplay from the beta. #animegames #myheroacademia

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  1. They need to add ults i guess? Anyway this game is fire would love to play this

  2. i agree with my hero academia but if were talking about battle royale anime it always remind me of hunter x hunter..remember the hunter exam where they need to steal the number of other players and other players wikl steal yours thats what im expecting for anime battle royale

  3. Rumbleverse got me expecting more from the fighting

  4. bleach vs onepiece
    fight of characters


  5. Personally they should make a game with anime crossovers like this, it would be more fun than just MHA

  6. they're literally selling the game for 60 dollars💀💀💀💀

  7. Wow when is this dropping and where will it be available

  8. As a wise man once said: "It's Nerf or nothing."

  9. Click bait this isn't the first anime battle Royale

  10. tecnically the first ever anime battle royale is jojo last survivor which released in arcades in japan in 2019

  11. I’m guessing this is gonna be like jojo Bizarre aventures last survivor

  12. zenkai battle royal is the first one but sadly its only on japanese arcade's

  13. Doesn't jojo have that one battle royale gameM

  14. I hate to be that guy but I’m pretty sure Jojo the last survivor is the first anime battle royale game

  15. Please tell me the name of this game and how to download it ,

  16. wdym first did you forget the jojo battle royale the japan exclusive

  17. Bro jojo last survivor is an anime battle Royal from three years ago so do your research next time

  18. Im only saying that because im a DB fan but its possible to make a dragon ball battell royal game thanks to the TOP saga

  19. "first" clearly we forgot about JoJo Last survivor

  20. It's kind of surreal seeing Allmight just beating his students like that. Especially Deku

  21. When MHA wasn't invited to fortnite, they said "fine, I'll do it myself"

  22. I know this sound down but most battle royale anime game won't survived for long specially if it based on the manga.

  23. "F2p" is shit compared to paid game. It means "bottomless pit of expense"

  24. The black clover game was pretty much a paid battle royale that no one played.

  25. This looks like spellbreak but even vetter…I hope they make it good and sustainable like fortnite

  26. "this is the first anime battle royale"
    Eternal Return (Black Survival) exist

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