This Battle Royale is now a Ghost Town.. -

This Battle Royale is now a Ghost Town..

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This Battle Royale is now a Ghost Town..

Welcome everyone, in today’s YouTube gaming video we re-visit a dead game called ‘Hyper Scape’. Not only has Hyper Scape been abandoned, but it also looks very different. Playing Hyper Scape in 2021 brought back a lot of memories, and made me realised that this could have been one of the best Battle Royale games, it had huge potential and was very successful in its first week of launch.

Hyper Scape is a Free-To-Play Battle Royale which launched in 2020 and was published by Ubisoft.

If you want me re-visit other abandoned games be sure to let me know which game you want to see me do next!

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  1. The city went night mode since it got abandoned thats just straight up depressing

  2. The main problem with the game is that everyone had to much survivability and the games would last to long and it didn’t feel fun at the end when there was still a ton of people and you would feel like you couldn’t win cuz you’d get jumped buy 20 people

  3. I loved the game for the high mobility. Was sad how fast it died lol

  4. I believe they dropped it because they started to make a different br

  5. Him: people just wanna relax
    Me while playing warzone and apex: YOU MOTHER..CKING BI… A…. F… THIS GAME… HE IS HACKING….. WHY MY PING SO HIGH…

  6. I dont get why this game died, it has decent similarities to apex, the movement may be really fast but it could be pretty chaotic but apex is also pretty chaotic, i just don’t understand. Any game is full of sweats so if you can hop on and chill on apex i feel you should be able too for hyperscape

  7. I still got it downloaded and wanna play it but no one to play it with

  8. The only reason I did not like it’s was because there were so many 3rd partys

  9. The movement and the way the character holds the baton really reminds me of Ghost Runner.

  10. 50,000 People used to live here, now it’s a ghost town

  11. I think part of this game died because it was not noob friendly at all

  12. "50,000 people played this game. Now it's a Ghost Town"

  13. Its not fun coz its confusing coz I never knew u could upgrade weapons

    And default controls and settings in console suuuccks its not even decent and the aim assist don't even exsist

  14. I play Apex pretty much daily and I mostly sweaty the movement in it. But I remember hyperscape coming out and I was so hyped but then I never played it. Now I regret it becus movement in that had so much to give you and as Apex Movement Sweat I would had good kickstart against most of the players.

  15. The reason i didnt play this is bcs my laptop only able to get 10fps

  16. i really love this game but i quit when people stop playing it

  17. I am in asian region and the game died because cheater like aimbot idk with another region like Europe/us problem,

  18. Anyone remember cuisine royal and realm royal

  19. This is the only br game except for apex that i was good at f

  20. We need a cult that plays this game so the server never dies

  21. I believe the battle pass changes every year and it’s not that dead lol and a lot of people play it still I load into full lobbies in an instant it might be your servers

  22. I never even heard of Hyper Scape in 2020. Probably because better games overshadowed it. And I was playing those games.

  23. Still play this game a little, takes forever to queue but it’s fun

  24. Shit i loved this game the community's was shit and the devs fucked it up with the update I grinded so hard became top 10 player and then it was just dying slowly sadly they released it at the wrong time

  25. I remember playing when it first came out, but it just wasn't fun and too long to kill. The abilities were just weird too and nothing really worked

  26. I can tell you the problem right now.
    I bet it was UPLAY only.

  27. Man i miss this game. Such an unfortunate tragedy. I love movement shooters, but it's clear that many don't.

  28. The game looks meh at best. Like a battle royal meats quake meets an arena shooter. Not to mention its competing with apex legends

  29. LOL When you have hexfire op gun. And the most illogical one, cos it's a Gatling gun with lots of recoil, but for some illogical reason, you can snipe really from afar with it in this game. No wonder why this game got deserted so soon.

  30. This game had so much potential sad to see it go too waist

  31. Who tf plays a competitive game to relax lmao

  32. It was an interesting game just Ttk was too much for me

  33. This is a Battle Royale version of Doom Eternal gameplay

  34. Idk much bout this game but found it when some Apex Players played this.

  35. I loved the game at launch but f&#&ing casual players complained about the speed, take and sensitivity

    Btw I played on console and I had so many wins before the massive changes

  36. Should have made the title bring this battle royale back

  37. I never even knew this existed. Sucks that it died. Looks like a fun game. Love fast paced stuff like titanfall 2

  38. 1 LIKE = 1 RIP to Hyper Scape! Gone but never forgotten..

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