The Top 7 Best Battle Royale Games On Roblox!! -

The Top 7 Best Battle Royale Games On Roblox!!

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The Best Battle Royale Games On Roblox!!

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These are the best Battle Royale games on Roblox that are just like Fortnite, Warzone and PUBG!!

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  1. Wait, since when was Polyguns a "Battle Royale" game?

  2. In reality i play more apex legends. In roblox bigger i play island royale

  3. why did you steal @stellar365 footage

  4. Nice, a stolen video. Roblox Trendy stole clips from Stellar365 and just made differently commentary. Plus Stellar's vid was much better so check it out, also what is funny Stellar called Roblox Trendy and the deleted his comment. Roblox Trendy also makes no sense saying Pollyguns updates, and saying Brick battles is a battle royale, and saying "Top 7" but only 6 games are in the vid


  6. use other people's footage, only 6 games in video not 7 AND Polyguns isnt a battle royale

  7. this made me remember polyguns but battle royale?

  8. Fun fact: the video says top 7
    But it's actually just 6

  9. Polyguns is never going to get an a update and its not a br

  10. i only play roblox versoins of games because it runs faster on my pc and i can crush kids easier

  11. I got banned from polyguns for no reason at all and i was good at it so im sad now

  12. When was doomsphire a battle royale

  13. bruh this is supposed to be top 7 not 6 smh

  14. You are so lazy that you can't even record the gameplay yourself. And Polyguns is not a Battle Royale game, and it doesn't have a Battle Royale gamemode either! And all the Battle Royale games in this video are dead!

  15. does this guy know what a battle royale is?

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