The Top 7 Best Battle Royale Games On Roblox!! -

The Top 7 Best Battle Royale Games On Roblox!!

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The Best Battle Royale Games On Roblox!!

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These are the best Battle Royale games on Roblox that are just like Fortnite, Warzone and PUBG!!

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  1. this made me remember polyguns but battle royale?

  2. Fun fact: the video says top 7
    But it's actually just 6

  3. Polyguns is never going to get an a update and its not a br

  4. i only play roblox versoins of games because it runs faster on my pc and i can crush kids easier

  5. I got banned from polyguns for no reason at all and i was good at it so im sad now

  6. When was doomsphire a battle royale

  7. bruh this is supposed to be top 7 not 6 smh

  8. You are so lazy that you can't even record the gameplay yourself. And Polyguns is not a Battle Royale game, and it doesn't have a Battle Royale gamemode either! And all the Battle Royale games in this video are dead!

  9. does this guy know what a battle royale is?

  10. bro there was this high quality game with a lobby and everything what was it called!

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