The STRONGEST Unit in the Clash Royale Universe -

The STRONGEST Unit in the Clash Royale Universe

Orange Juice Gaming
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Raged Giants are one of the strongest units in the game. SO WE’RE GOING TO MIRROR THEM. After recording this, I realize rage doesn’t stack.

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  1. When is this from? I don't even remember a rage giant mode, specially not after Mother Witch was released


    when you used 200% of your brain in CR raged giant event:

  3. Can the editor please bring back the dmg oj does on the tiwer

  4. 0:49 this triggers me soooooo much, but the video is still good

    big f for the raged raged unraged giant

  5. I like how he said at the end it is a good deck a'll give it 2/10

  6. I love how everyone talking about rage the raged giant

  7. just wanna ask it your supposed to get wild cards from a legendary chest

  8. “all in all this deck wasnt that bad, i give it a 2/10” 😭😭💀

  9. wow you still play? they still paying you??

  10. Wait imagine raged electro giant it’s gonna be OP 😱

  11. Imagine you didn't know rage doesn't stack on raged giant

  12. The funny thing is OJ realized that rage doesn't stack on tge raged giant. He forgot somehow

  13. "After all this deck isn't bad , i give it a… 2/10!!"

  14. At least do different types of giant:electro giant:royal giant

  15. Raging the already raged goant for psychological damage

  16. Oj when he raged inferno dragon:omg this was the worst play in the history of plays
    Me:first time?

  17. the strongest unit might be rage giant but the best unit is scarmy 100%

  18. i hate how he doesnt even notice thats rage does not stack on a raged giant

  19. lol it was me that lost the final battle

  20. 😂😂😂 I loved how the edito was gettin so mad

  21. rip to all the elexir spended on rage spells

  22. Oj is the only person who can still win even with his low Iq plays

  23. og players are cringing in this video

  24. I usually hate it when people use face cam, but you just fit perfectly for sum reason

  25. Uses rage spell on raged giant
    Positive elixir trade!!!!

  26. Editor:Why i'm still here, just to suffer
    OJ: We got a RAGED RAGED giant

  27. oj has the biggest stock of placebos in the world

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