The strangest Battle Royale game ever made... -

The strangest Battle Royale game ever made…

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I can’t explain what this Battle Royale game is without you seeing it, and even then, there’s still a lot of questions that need good answers. Playing Knightfall with @Tomographic Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. idk what i adore the most about this game lol. the tokyo drifting horses, the ridiculous spin reload animations, or the victory screen where you gift a flower to your mate. i love to see more updates and polish to this game, i think itd be great.

  2. ‘It’s a based on a true story, this game’ 😂

  3. I think you should play Totally accurate battlegrounds it's a really funny battle royale on steam!

  4. Im hoping they do more with this concept in another release. I had so much fun with this game.

  5. "it's a full auto Glock jack!"
    I almost spit my drink all over my monitor.

  6. wow i thought it would be totally accurate battlegrounds

  7. If you enjoyed this, then you have to try Totally Accurate Battlegrounds with Tom. The best BR ever made.

  8. Imagine someone drifting with an real horse

  9. Great game but no one plays it practically, it only has like 150 players at the height of its popularity

  10. idk… theirs a free one thats a top down scroller with a bunch of fuzzy animals with guns…

  11. 15:22 I like how Jack slowly went into an existential crisis here with “I didn’t… agree…”

  12. So this is the war of the roses they talked about in history class a while ago

  13. it looks like the tabs battle royal.

  14. History! Action! Romance! This game has it all.

  15. Jack but you tell me all games you play are good.

  16. It is just me or does Tom sound like Henry Cavill?

  17. HAhHAhAhhHAhhhahAhHAHHHAhhAhHaHAhAHh the glitch

  18. no matter the game people have to cheat if they wanna win lol

  19. you want the weirdest/fun battle royale? play TABG

  20. what is the name of the game and where can i play it

  21. Pls play Totally accurate Battlegrounds TABG, pretty please

  22. everybody fantasied about timetraveling with a minigun then, yeah? I also imagined a squad of marines fighting off the Roman Empire

  23. Idk this game is great I just think totally accurate battle grounds is still better lots more in the game

  24. I need some genuine mates to play with😢

  25. Damn I need this game😂😂what's the name

  26. So different because how wacky this game is, I LOVE IT

  27. Jack, if you want a strange br, play Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TABG) because TABG is strange as hell.

  28. LOL you drift a horse XD This is absolutely halarious XD

  29. I actually saw Tomographics video first, and he mentioned he did one with you Jack, and I immediately had to find this… worth it! You guys are epic together 👌

  30. So apparently the people that made this also made totally accurate battle simulator although I’ve never tried that before 🤔

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