The Rise And Fall of Battle Royale Games -

The Rise And Fall of Battle Royale Games

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The Rise And Fall of Battle Royale Games
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  1. Entirely new game genre? You mean Free For All? except you fall into the map and find your items your gonna use? LMAO

  2. Minecraft didn't create fighting online. What?

  3. Anyone else go from Fortnite to Rainbow 6 Siege?

  4. Br died cuz companies like epic games, activision, ea milked tf out of it.

  5. My first games were a mix of NES and N64 games. Duck hunt, Rygar, wrestlemania 2000, Pokémon stadium. Those are the earliest ones I can remember.

  6. I kinda like doing the same shit and gettting better at it, insanity? Perhaps

  7. Just let them die, at first pubg was fun, then fortnite came out, then caisine royale, then realm royale, then apex, then warzone and now even ubisoft is making one… this type of games is really getting repetitive now it's soon gonna be milked dry by big companies. Fuck those games im going back to csgo, r6 n actual games with original ideals.

    We all know mc hunger game is da OG.

  8. first game i ever played was metroid prime on the gamecube i’m only 16

  9. My first game i played was angry birds seasons

  10. The origin for fortnight was from the Japanese movie battle royal where 43 students fight each other to the death on a island the movie opened up the genre for the game and movie . That movie was inspired by the punishment in England in the 1700s where 8 people fight to the death

  11. Wow so much filler regarding “the first game you’ve played.” Shut the fuck up. People know how to comment. People sent as stupid as you perceive them to be.

  12. My first game I ever played was Minecraft on my Xbox one S

  13. They aren’t dead sadly. I’m tired of them though. COD multiplayer is completely neglected because of Warzone.

  14. Battle royale ain't bad, but devs ruined the concept
    1. The way epic games treated fortnite
    2. BR games were for free and crossplay (so they were unsafe from toxic 6 year olds)
    3. Microtransactions
    The concept of surviving on island by looting guns with your squad (or alone) WAS pretty interesting
    Also I think BRs are perfect for eSports (cuz all teams fight at same time instead of 1 match having 2 out of all teams only)
    Idk why everyone make jokes about minecraft and musical chairs. Yes you can make a BR in minecraft, but it's a mode! The game itself never meant to be BR! About musical chairs idk.

  15. Before they got famous i loved them, the idea was so cool h1z1 for example, than fortnite came and it was the first playstation battle royale game, i acutally played it before the season stuff but after a while every game got battle royale mods so i really disliked battle royale at some point.

  16. There’s definitely a lot of room for experimentation. Noones trying anything daring except “Fortnite”

  17. I started with a vsmile then ds and wii then a 360 then Wii U and Xbox one and switch

  18. My first was the original Super Mario Brothers for the NES. Quit being a hater lol

  19. I think BR failed in 2020 as rise of amoung us and they had problems. Like PUBG ban in India and fortnite was removed by Playstore and app store.

  20. "minecraft theraticaly started fighting other people online" wtf are you talking about lol

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