The Original Battle Royale Game is now Free to Play! -

The Original Battle Royale Game is now Free to Play!

TBAG [Epic Gaming]
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PUBG is now free to play so I decided to check it out… ENJOY! 😀






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  1. Tbag its doesnt means solo it means solo vs squad

  2. It started on Arma 3 and it was always free. Clickbait!

  3. I mean the pc version is made to be slow pases and intense
    If u play mobile games u may know it's mobile port coz that is very fast paced and less intense if u are getting good lobby

    Camping in this game(pubg pc) is like pretty bad u will always find campers no matter what and people with bad anti aliasing and people with less brightness are in a major disadvantage in this game

  4. u need to select the modes to change

  5. you see at 6:16 you didnt selected your teamates from friends list

  6. I miss when "Battle Royale" was actually "Battle Royale". No anime skin, no creative mode, no stupid building stuff, no respawning, it was just about surviving.

  7. I know this is very difficult for players who bought the game. maybe someone bought the game a week before pubg became free. and this is a very difficult moment. because you could have waited a week or a month to play pubg for free

  8. You need to up your sensitivity bro, you would have had the guy in the ghillie suit at the end there

  9. Hey man vroeg me af hoe het nu met je gaat qua gezondheid enzo

  10. Still 10 times better than warzone

  11. TBAG can I get you some help, get a car, drop based off of cars! They speed up the pacing

  12. 6:17 No that's One man squad option Solo icon Have only one Figure standing whole the One man squad have 4 figures but 3 of them are crossed

  13. That is aaaaa….. That means solo vs squad

  14. You're better than most people I play with on PC KEKW

  15. You are in don't fill that's what that means

  16. The original battle royale is free to play!

    Minecraft Survival Games: am i a joke to you?

  17. You gotta make more of these, so funny man😭

  18. The original battle royals is Minecraft hunger games

  19. Now why did they add the Hyundai pony too the game lol so random


  21. "because it is now a free to play-"
    Me who just pressed this video: finally. No more Warzone

    Also, I prefer to play on PC with Steam. But you do you

  22. Im disapointed that you didn't land in pochcinki

  23. You are playing one man squad, not solo or duo. This means u will be playing alone and fighting other team that is 4 party players.

  24. I have PS5 and PubG on FPP is the main game we play with my friends. Dunno, i generally like a classic battle royal experience and the attachment system is well made. 🙂

    Definitely its not the top of the top but it still a good game.

  25. me, as a 1000+ pubg pc player, am glad it isn't crossplay. the guns on console doesn't have recoil at all

  26. I’m not a fan of skill based match making ….. never mind 😂

  27. EXCUSI ME!
    The original ?
    I thought H1Z1 king of the hill or … better… Arma 3 had a limited Free To play version now

    fuck you

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