The NEW H1Z1... Battle Royale with ZOMBIES! -

The NEW H1Z1… Battle Royale with ZOMBIES!

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Passed Out is a brand new Battle Royale game in Early Access with 2000 zombies surrounding you! It’s last man standing until the exfil chopper arrives. This is when you need to fight off the zombie horde and extract! Let me know your thoughts in the comments and leave a like if you enjoy! Thanks for watching!

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Outro Song: Blame Game – GEMINI

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▶ The NEW H1Z1… Battle Royale with Zombies!


  1. I hope they can make this into a proper survival game like Dayz. The graphics is stunningly beautiful, kinda reminds me of stalker and last of us

  2. i love that overgrown look so much i always get mad when people remove unwanted weeds. who decided that weeds look bad? have you ever seen a fully grown weed they actually look pretty damn good. everything is so grey and blocky with barely any color because people have been conditioned to remove unwanted weeds. xD

  3. valve could make such a dope game like this with how l4d zombies work and have safehouses all over the place. i don't really get the point of that circle that keeps closing in i feel like it ruins immersion just let people spawn in your server whenever they want and have it be a persistent world instead of something that ends. also not a fan of looting randomly generated weapon spawns.. literally the same 3 weapons but they're everywhere it's weird and not fun it's actually pointless and screws with balance. i'd much rather collect money you can spent on ingame skins/weapons, and have the game use steams real life economy. TF2 weapon system would be perfect..let the community create interesting cool new loot you can buy.

  4. I wonder if you can climb up that structure at 2:39. I'm curious to see how vertical the map can be.

  5. I’ve never seen a br where u just find loot out on the floor like that

  6. Well, can't say that I've been trhilled by the game… is the it the release version? It may have some potential but need way more fine tuning to improve it to a stage that might make me fall for it

  7. I must say, it has it's problems but the map and game design really sticks out. Excited to see where it's going to go

  8. remove the zombies and just make it a br it will perform better

  9. looks like h1z1 mixed with Infestation Survivor Stories ;v

  10. Tom you need to get the boys to play this game with you. I think they’d enjoy it as well, but their reactions to that victory song will be comedy.

  11. Jesus those footsteps are like tank rounds

  12. jesus this game looks absolutley shit xd

  13. LOL at the random ak sitting on the tail rotor at the end

  14. 3:00 was that an old seananners ref? “I can smell you” I remember that shit

  15. This game actually looks fun lol but first person might be more full on

  16. Game borderline looks like WarZ Suvivor stories

  17. I guess everyone has to download it and give it a go

  18. Really enjoy it but don't want to see it again

  19. It’s under two dollars but I can tell this game will make me sick. I’m not sure If it’s the way you play but I need to stop watching. The game engine is critical in games. A bad engine means you get sick quickly. Too much panning. Call of duty is going in that direction when it comes to the cut scenes sometimes. Resident evil is the worse

  20. You can do better, Tom. Coming from someone who will always be your loving fan. ❤ We just want funny pubg content.

  21. The group of zombies sound like a bunch of cats meowing at the same time LOL 🤣😂

  22. I think it's actually nice for a BR to offer a singleplayer mode.
    Being forced to fight other players always kept me away from other BR games.

  23. Map looks like the last of us. Looks very good

  24. Looks terrible and will probably die immediately

    Edit: looked at steam charts has been dead since launch

  25. Looked janky, Looked unpolished, Looked fun. Tension toward the end was pretty good for bots. I could see this being really fun pvp. Embrace the jank, it will get you frames.

  26. My brother and I are trying to make a zombie battle royale

  27. concept wise could be a great twist in the br setting with better gunplay and movement visuals (the AAA treatment) would be amazing

  28. Damn never been as frustrated watching someone play💀💀

  29. Man this looks cool. You should have the title of the game in your video title so it can get more attention

  30. I'm not paying for "developers" (lazy banks) to copy paste and change title lol ask for someone else's money

  31. Bro there’s AI inside of this game… don’t compare it to h1z1 nobody wants fucking bots in the game bro

  32. Makes ah comment about the jank animations and then instantly follows up with how much its like h1z1. Yeah not the first game id be taking inspiration from personally.

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