The MOST SKILLED Challenge in Clash Royale 🍊 -

The MOST SKILLED Challenge in Clash Royale 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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Mirror mode challenge is pure strategy, tips and tricks: keep a mental note of what you can counter and what the win conditions are. The better player will ALWAYS win.

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  1. I love this challenge because im a good player but terrible deck maker

  2. 9:35 oj: we need to save magic archer
    Also oj: *use’s magic archer*

  3. Lol he place magic archers when he save up but he place it in frost lol

  4. 9:35
    OJ: "We need to save magic archer and ice spirit because nothing's gonna counter the minion horde"
    Also OJ: Plays magic archer as he says that

  5. Φωτεινη Χριστοπουλου says:

    We need to save the magic archer
    Plays magic archer

  6. 9:36 oj: we need to save magic Archer
    Also Oj: puts magic archer

  7. 9:36 "we need to save magic archer for the minion horde" even tho OJ plays magic archer first card


  9. We need to save magic archer. 2 seconds later play magic archer 9:35

  10. Now with the mirror buffed. There should be a mirror challenge

  11. I got ojs everdale ad midway through this video and thought he was just doing a sponsor break

  12. 1:55
    “I’m just gonna do ram rider on the left side”
    Proceeds to place ram rider on the right

  13. We got 666 comment let's gooo

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