The Most Intense Hoplite Battle Royale Games -

The Most Intense Hoplite Battle Royale Games

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the new battle royale server hoplite is one of the biggest servers for pvp as of recent. and i tried to get my first win in solo battle royale. me being mostly experienced in 1.8 pvp, this would prove to be a much bigger challenge than i expected. but nevertheless i really hope you enjoy the hoplite videos, and with that out of the way i hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! 🙂

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pack: §5M4Ts+§5PvP+§

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Title: The Most Intense Hoplite Battle Royale Games


  1. Commenting before all the first comments so they shut up

  2. nah bro how tha hell are people commenting after 20 seconds

  3. Man i might need to give lil bro a shoutout, (i like helping small creators)

  4. first time I've seen a Jooonah video on 19 likes and 86 views, 11 comments MEAN I'M EARLY FOR ONCE HURRAY lol

  5. i am trying to create a server like hoplite. We have the team of developers ready. Its like cs:go in minecraft. wish me luck!

  6. A light apple is just a cheap gold apple it stacks and it does the exact same thing

  7. 2:26 You are not sprinting at this moment, cuz the contact in the switch of Ctrl Key is slightly bended, so you don't get signal into computer. So i prefer that u change the switch if you have one available. ( + Great content and keep it up👍 )

  8. Honestly with a bit of practice I think jooonah could genuinely be one of the higher end hoplite players, very like relaxed pvp style

  9. what’s the pack? it says default but it isnt

  10. Bro you is bad in BattleRoyale in modern pvp lol

  11. bro became a profesional hoptile content creator btw dont forget to drink cold water cuz ur on fire

  12. Lapis and glass bottles= bottles o' enchanting/ xp bottles

  13. i heard rekrap say he got paid to do this, is each mc youtuber just getting paid to do this or what?

  14. I like hoplite but every mc YouTuber is making videos on it like if I want to watch something I just see a million hoplite videos

  15. its actually a running simulator, SO TRUE.

  16. Jonah: "we haven't had a server that's popping off like hoplite is"


  17. hoplite videos is taking over minecraft 2024 era

  18. Gotta love it when jooonah plays ballstight

  19. Joonah is a 1.8 main which shows that he is pretty insane at the game in general even when playing in the new versions. Also a suggestion is that u can add proximity chat to the game btw! There r a few tutorials online about it so u can follow em on how to install proximity chat to the game. Also the reason why wardens spawn in the caves is to push players to the surface so players won’t camp in the caves

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